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This page lists and explains the Spells of Arelith.


Cleric Domains

Cleric Domains have been substantially changed on Arelith. These changes are listed under the Domains page and can be browsed by Category.

Spell Focus Feats

Spell Focus Feats have been changed and augmented greatly on Arelith, and often alter or expand the potential of spellcasting classes. Changes to Spell Focus Feats are listed under Feat Changes.

Spell Components System

Spell components are used in casting Arcane Spells of Levels 7-9 and the Console Commands gained through Epic Spell Focuses in magic schools. One charge of a component pouch is consumed when casting a Level 7 Spell, two for a Level 8 Spell, three for a Level 9 Spell, and five for the Console Commands. If a character lacks sufficient components, then the spell will fail, but it won't consume any charges.

There is a toggle option in the Rest menu in Miscellaneous Settings -> Equipment: - "Toggle Stop Component Pouches being destroyed. [Active/Inactive]" - > Determines whether the first pouch found has enough components, if no and the option is toggled to active then it will stop the spell rather than destroy the pouch.

Note that the spell level doesn't equate the slot it occupies. For example an extended Mass Haste (level 7 slot, level 6 spell) would not consume charges of the spell components pouch.

Spell components can be created through Alchemy and Art crafting, and the spell components pouch, can be made through Tailoring.

Other Systems


  • Most polymorphing effects will refresh the spellbook once the state is left.
  • While under polymorph, disguise checks will only reveal you are polymorphed, but not your name.
  • Polymorphed characters can speak common.
  • Polymorphed characters will temporarily be able to speak and comprehend animal while in that form.
  • See Disguise for the bonus to disguise checks provided by polymorph.

Charm / Dominate

Note: Unable to verify these charm & dominate changes in the update thread.

  • Cause Confusion in affected PCs.
  • Additionally effects orcs, monstrous humanoid, goblinoid, and reptilian humanoids.
  • Have a duration of 2 + CL/3 Turns, instead of 2 + CL/3 Rounds.
  • With Greater Spell Focus Enchantment, this improves to 2 + CL/3 Hours.
  • With Epic Spell Focus Enchantment, a second creature can be Dominated. Does not work on Boss or lieutenant (yellow named) creatures.
  • Dominated PCs will now be Stunned instead of Dazed.
  • The Stun duration against PCs remains 2 + CL/3 Rounds, and does not improve to Turns or Hours.
  • Additionally effects orcs, monstrous humanoid, goblinoid, and reptilian humanoids.

Fright, Fear and Fear Auras

Fear has branched in two different effects in Arelith. Some spells and abilities will apply the old vanilla effect (like Barbarian's terrifying rage or the Fear spell), while others will incur some penalties on a failed save, here named Fright. Fright cannot be self-removed by the same frightened character. Attempting to self-recover using spells like Remove Fear will not dispel the effect, but will leave the lingering increased save bonus against fear effects. Third-party characters using the spells will function as normal.

Standard Fright Aura:

  • -10 AB
  • -10 Saving Throws
  • -10 Skills
  • -10 AC
  • 50% Spell Failure

Lesser Fright Aura:

  • -1 AB per level difference
  • -1 Saving Throws per level difference
  • -1 Skill per level difference
  • -1 AC per level difference
  • 5% Spell Failure per level difference
  • Lesser Fright Aura penalties never exceed -10/50% (+10 levels and will never be below -2/10%).
  • Usually coming from summons, the lesser auras act according to a level difference. The greater the difference, the greater the effect.

Epic Spells

See the individual Epic Spells.


A Ritual can be started by a player, granted they meet the requirements for the ritual (Class, Skills, Feats, Deities, Languages, Items, Locations, etc). Rituals come in different categories such as: Divine, Arcane & Mundane. Typing -ritual will display a list of what you can attempt. From there, it displays more about prerequisites, needed components, the other classes able to perform it, the number of participants, and potentially a few other things depending on the ritual!

Knowledge on the actual Rituals and their effects are kept vague on purpose, as players will have to find in-game ways of figuring out a specific ritual and how it works

Once a Ritual has started, it goes into a Preparation Stage where other players can join the ritual (From the -ritual command). Once enough participants have joined a specific ritual, it will start and can last for a long time before its finished. Once a Ritual is complete, the success ratio will be calculated via the system's own black box mechanics. This means even if you have a 100% successful Ritual, you may not gain all the benefits from it as some things are hidden mechanics for that specific ritual.

Rituals usually result in different strengths (if successful) that will grant something based on that. Could be a specific item is required for a ritual to increase its strength and so on.

Added Spell/Status Effects

Frozen Status Effect: A Frozen creatures gain DR 10/-, 2d6 points of Dexterity damage, 50% Movement Reduction, vulnerability to fire, and immunity to cold and electricity.
Sickened (Curse): The character takes a -2 penalty on all attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saving throws, skill checks, and ability checks. Can only be removed by Remove Curse or until it expires.
Nightmare (Curse): Nightmare prevents sleep and will give -2 STR & -2 DEX. Creatures currently sleeping/resting or under the Sleep spell will wake up if they are affected by Nightmare. Creatures immune to Sleep (E.g Elves) are not affected by Nightmare. Curse is permanent until removed by Remove Curse or Greater Restoration.

Bugs Affecting Spells

Please Note: These bugs are either inherent to NWN, or in some other way a long-standing & chronic problem. Incidental or minor bugs should not be mentioned here.

  • Invisibility sphere, Dirge etc (spells working in circle around caster and following him) are affected by lag. The effects can often be lost on transitioning, and can even fail to apply when standing still.
  • Hostile NPCs may keep chasing and attacking PCs even after entering invisibility, stealthing, or even both.
  • True Strike reports as increasing +20 points of AB in the character sheet, but this information may be false since it counts toward the +20 bonus AB cap. The character sheet is often wrong about armor class or attack bonus. The real attack value still appears in the combat log when performing an attack.

Groups of Spell Changes

Bigby Line

  • Additionally, all Bigby spells (except Interposing Hand) will attack both mind and mobility. Protection against one effect will not deny the other, but the spells will only affect mobility if the user is mind effect-immune. The movement-restraining effect can be removed with Remove Paralysis, Restoration, Greater Restoration and Freedom of Movement.
  • All are 1 round / level duration.
Bigby's... Innate Level Save Effect
Bigby's Clenched Fist 8 Fort 1d8+11 force per round & 1 round stun per round if fail
Bigby's Crushing Hand 9 Reflex 2d6+12 force each round
Bigby's Disrupting Hand 3 None Target must concentration check vs spell's save DC when casting
Bigby's Forceful Hand 6 Reflex Knocked down and dazed for duration
Bigby's Grasping Hand 7 Reflex Held for duration
Bigby's Interposing Hand 5 Reflex -10 penalty to all attack rolls for duration


  • Cantrips are now infinite; uses are automatically replenished after casting.
  • Wizard: Casting a wizard cantrip has a 5% chance to activate Arcane Flux.
Spell Notes
Acid Splash, Electric Jolt, Ray of Frost Damage increased to 1d6 per 3 caster levels.
Flare No longer applies an AB penalty. Instead, the cantrip inflicts 1d6 fire damage per 3 caster levels.
Daze Inflicts 1d4 psychic damage per 3 caster levels. The duration of the daze effect is now 1d2 rounds. The damage applies regardless of whether the daze affects the target.
Cure Minor Wounds Healing increased to 1d3 per 3 caster levels (minimum of 4). Damage versus Undead 1d6 per 3 caster levels.
Inflict Minor Wounds Damage increased to 1d6 per 3 caster levels. Healing on Undead 1d3 per 3 caster levels.
Virtue Now grants 1d3 temporary hit points per 3 caster levels. Does not stack with itself.
Resistance The original effect was replaced with scaling damage reduction (starts at 1/+1, improving to 2/+2 at CL7+, 3/+3 at CL14+, 4/+4 at CL21+ and 5/+5 at CL28+). The effect can absorb CL+1d6 damage before it fades. Duration is 1 hour.

Cantrips and Metamagic:

  • All cantrips can be cast with Quicken Spell, Still Spell and Silent Spell.
  • Cantrips with a duration (Daze, Virtue, Resistance, Light) can be cast with Extend Spell.
  • Cantrips intentionally cannot be empowered or maximized, nor will they be affected by similar class or feat effects.
  • Metamagic does not prevent cantrips from getting replenished.

Cure and Inflict Line

Spell Healing Average @ 30
Cure Minor Wounds 1d3 (minimum 4) per 3 caster levels 20
Cure Light Wounds 2d8 + 1 per target character level 39
Cure Moderate Wounds 4d8 + 1 per target character level 48
Cure Serious Wounds 6d8 + 1 per target character level 57
Cure Critical Wounds 8d8 + 1 per target character level 66
Healing Circle 3 rounds of 1d8 + Caster Level 103.5
Heal (spell) 100 + 5*CL. Capped at 200 at level 20. 200
Mass Heal Heals 150 + 5*CL. Capped at 300 at level 30. 300
  • No touch attack is required when using inflict spells to heal undead.
Spell Damage Average @ 30
Inflict Minor Wounds 1d6 per 3 caster levels 35
Inflict Light Wounds 2d8 + 1 per target character level 39
Inflict Moderate Wounds 4d8 + 1 per target character level 48
Inflict Serious Wounds 6d8 + 1 per target character level 57
Inflict Critical Wounds 8d8 + 1 per target character level 66
Circle of Doom 1d8 + Caster Level 34.5
Harm 10 times Caster Level* 300

Damage Shields

  • Biteback spells, spells that cause damage to a melee attacker, do not stack. The last spell cast overrides the others.
  • All biteback spells (aka damage shields) are moved to the top of the Breach List.
  • Death Armor special scaling for Pale Master or Clerics(Death, Undeath): Death Armor scaling is uncapped and scales at +1 per CL instead of +1 per 2 CL for 32.5 average @ 30.
  • These spells do stack with the biteback damage of Aura Versus Alignment.
Biteback Spells Innate
Damage Type Average
@ 30
Death Armor 2 necro 1d4 + 1 per 2 levels (max +5) magic 7.5
Flame Shield 4 evo 1d6 + 1 per level fire 33.5
Frost Shield 4 evo 1d6 + 1 per level cold 33.5
Lightning Shield 5 evo 1d6 + 3 per 2 levels electrical 48.5
Mestil's Acid Sheath 5 conj 1d6 + 2 per level acid 63.5
Wounding Whispers 3 abj 1d6 + 1 per level sonic 33.5
Aura Versus Alignment 8 abj 1d6 + 8 holy or neg 11.5

Dispel and Breach

  • Area of effect dispels will no longer try to dispel the highest spell level effect(s). Instead they will try to dispel all effects up until two have been removed.
  • Each Spell Focus in Abjuration grants a cumulative +1 to Dispel rolls with Epic granting an additional +1 for a total of +4. These are applied after the Level Cap imposed by individual spells.
  • Arcane Defense: Abjuration increases a characters effective Caster Level by +2 when trying to resist a Dispel.
  • To remove an effect in a dispel check, the caster makes a dispel check of 1d20 +1 per caster level (up to a maximum) against a DC of 12 + the spell effect's caster level.
  • See Dispel Tables for a breakdown and tables of common situations and their probabilities.
  • See Breach List for changes to what spells are breached first.
  • Nature's Balance breaches more spells with investment in Spell Focus: Transmutation.
Spell Innate
Max Dispel
Caster Level
Lesser Dispel 2 5 N/A
Dispel Magic 3 10 N/A
Greater Dispelling 6 23 N/A
Mordenkainen's Disjunction 9 23 6 (2 AoE)
Lesser Spell Breach 4 N/A 2
Greater Spell Breach 6 N/A 4
Nature's Balance 8 N/A 2-3 AoE

Elemental Resistance

  • Epic Spell Focus: Abjuration increases damage absorbed by 1.5 times. Damage resistance remains the same.
Spell Resistance ESF: Abj Duration
Endure Elements 10/- resistance and 30 absorption 45 24 hours
Resist Elements 20/- resistance and 50 absorption 75 24 hours
Protection from Elements 30/- resistance and 60 absorption 90 24 hours
Energy Buffer 40/- resistance and 100 absorption 150 1 turn / level

Persistent AoE Spells

  • Persistent area spells do not stack with themselves. When the same spell is cast it will be replaced and refreshed.
  • Different area spells may be stacked.
  • Same spell by different caster stacks.
  • The same spell may be casted away from 50% of the center of the Area of Effect (AoE) radius, allowing a section where they can overlap, and hit twice.
  • Acid Fog, Wall of Fire, Incendiary Cloud and Cloudkill spells will ignore NPC and PC corpses, but still damage furniture/placables normally.
  • Table key:
    • CEoR: Checks made on (e)ntry, per (r)ound, or (b)oth.
    • SpR: Speed reduction.
AoE Spells
Acid Fog 6 b 50%
Blade Barrier 6 b
Cloud of Bewilderment 2 b
Cloudkill 5 b 50%
Creeping Doom 7 b
Daltim's Fiery Tentacles 5 b
Evard's Black Tentacles 4 b
Entangle (spell) 1 e
Grease 1 b 50%[1]
Incendiary Cloud 8 b
Kyristan's Malevolent Tentacles 6 b
Mind Fog 5 e
Shadow Plague 8 b
Spike Growth 3 b
Stinking Cloud 3 b
Stonehold 6 b
Storm of Vengeance 9 b
Wall of Fire 4 b
Wall of Ice 4 b
Web 2 b
Vine Mine 5 b
  1. Movement speed reduction check on entry only.

Summoning Spells

Spell Innate Level Type GCoD SFB ECB S ADv BoD BrS
Summon Creature I 1 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature II 2 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature III 3 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature IV 4 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature V 5 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature VI 6 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature VII 7 Elemental ^ *C S
Summon Creature VIII 8 Elemental ^ *C S
Summon Creature IX 9 Elemental ^ *C + S
Elemental Swarm 6 Elemental ^ *C + S
Shelgarn's Persistent Blade 1 Construct E
Mordenkainen's Sword 7 Construct E
Black Blade of Disaster 9 Construct C 👁
Shadow Conjuration 4 Outsider I
Greater Shadow Conjuration 5 Outsider I
Animate Dead 3 Undead N S
Create Undead 6 Undead N S
Create Greater Undead 8 Undead N S
Blackguard Create Undead - Undead N
Animate Dead (feat)[2] - Undead N S
Summon Undead (feat) - Undead N S
Summon Greater Undead (feat) - Undead N S
Lesser Planar Binding 5 Outsider S
Planar Ally 6 Outsider S
Planar Binding 6 Outsider S
Greater Planar Binding 8 Outsider + S
Gate 9 Outsider + S 👁
Epic Spell: Dragon Knight[3] 10 Dragon C + S 👁
Epic Spell: Dragon Knight[4] 10 Undead N + S 👁
Epic Spell: Mummy Dust 10 Undead N S 👁
Epic Spell: Planar Conduit 10 Outsider C + S[5] 👁
Summon Fiend[6] - Outsider C + S
Dark Invocation: Planar Gate[7] - Outsider C[8] S 👁
Eldritch Summon[9] - Outsider C +[10] S [11]
  1. Shadows receive turns, hours, then hours * 2 per level with Illusion spell focuses plus concealment + 10% per Illusion Focus.
  2. Blackguard and Pale Master animate dead class feats, see Summons and Blackguard unique undead for details.
  3. Non-dracolich stream.
  4. Dracolich stream.
  5. For the purposes of Planar Conduit, characters can only use streams on their own Good-Evil alignment axis. Evil characters can take this feat and use the neutral summons, but there is no support for demons and devils.
  6. Blackguard fiendish summons class feat, see Summons for details.
  7. Warlock Dark Invocation: Planar Gate bonus feat summons as Gate spell.
  8. Warlock Dark Invocation: Planar Gate feat special: Bonuses for this summon as if the Warlock had Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration even without the feats.
  9. Warlock Eldritch summon pact feats. See Summons for details.
  10. Warlock Eldritch summon feat tiers 4 and above are subject to the Epic Caster Bonus.
  11. Warlock Eldritch summon feat summons are exempt from the alignment divergence penalties typical of outsider summons.

Weapon Enchantments

  • Restricted weapon enchantments cannot be used with magical weapons, weapons with any property, or stacked with each other.
  • Non-restricted weapon enchantments can be used freely in any weapon and stacked with one another; even on Restricted weapon enchantments.
  • Players commonly seek out bronze weapons (which have no properties) to have blank weapons to be able to apply Restricted weapon enchantments first, and then cast additional Non-restricted enchantments.
  • Casting a weapon enchantment on a target with an invalid main hand weapon (due to the weapon already being enchanted or possessing magical properties) will attempt to apply the weapon enchantment to the offhand.
Spell Restricted or
Blackstaff Non-Restricted No
Blade Thirst Non-Restricted No
Bless Weapon Non-Restricted Yes
Deafening Clang Non-Restricted No
Holy Sword Non-Restricted N/A
Darkfire Restricted Yes
Elemental Weapon Restricted Yes
Greater Magic Weapon Restricted Yes
Keen Edge Restricted Yes
Magic Weapon Restricted No
  • Additionally, the weapon enchantments Bless Weapon, Darkfire, Elemental Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon, and Keen Edge spells cast from items such as scrolls and wands will:
    • Use the Caster Level of the item for the Duration of the spell.
    • Use the Character Level of the item user for the Effects of the spell.
    • Bless Weapon exceptions:
      • Will grant +2d6 damage vs. dragons if the user of the scroll is level 18 or higher. The CL of the scroll is still level 17 and Enhancement bonus is capped at +3.
      • Note: It is possible to achieve +4 enhancement with Loremaster scroll + levels (17 CL scroll + 5 levels from LM = 22 CL scroll), but still requires the base character level to be at least 21 for the effects.
Examples - A Character of various levels using a Greater Magic Weapon Scroll (Caster Level 15)
A level 30 Character will have a duration of 5 hours (15 Caster Level/3 hours) and an enhancement bonus of +5 ((Character Level +3)/4 - capped at +5).
A level 15 Character will have a duration of 5 hours (15 Caster Level/3 hours) and an enhancement bonus of +4 ((Character Level +3)/4).
A level 5 Character will have a duration of 5 hours (15 Caster Level/3 hours) and an enhancement bonus of +2 ((Character Level +3)/4)

Zoo Spells

  • The bonus stacks across multiple castings to a maximum of +5 when cast without metamagic feats.
  • The stacking bonus is the same between the single and mass-targeted versions, but both spells can stack towards the maximum.
  • Metamagic empower will increase the maximum 1.5, but NWN always rounds down. Greater Spell Focus, Epic Spell Focus: Transmutation, and Transmutation Specialization increase the maximum further +1 each.
Spell Mass Version
Bear's Endurance Mass Bear's Endurance
Bull's Strength Mass Bull's Strength
Cat's Grace Mass Cat's Grace
Eagle's Splendor Mass Eagle's Splendor
Fox's Cunning Mass Fox's Cunning
Owl's Wisdom Mass Owl's Wisdom

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