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Experience Points (XP) are an abstract measure of the experience, knowledge, "life-force", and training that a PC gains while adventuring. They are gained from RPBonus, beating monsters, sometimes from DM events, or completing rare quests.

The scripting formula used for monster XP awards is quite complicated and its exact definition on Arelith is considered not public knowledge. Some factors taken into consideration include:

  • Challenge rating of monster (Party)
  • Number of characters (Party)
  • Level of your character (Personal/Party)
  • Highest character level in the party (party)
  • Effective character level (ECL) (Personal)
  • Using a much higher level summon scroll as a very low level character can reduce experience earned.
  • Multiclassing penalty Multiclass Penalty has been removed from Arelith.

The notes tagged with (Personal) do not affect other characters, while (party) indicates that these affect the experience reward of all characters present.

Whereas normally being in a party splits the experience gain, Arelith reverses this mechanic. For each member in your party up to 4, the experience received will increase. From 5 and more, the experience will start to decline negatively. Therefore, an ideal party has between 4 and 5 members.

ECL doesn't reduce or increase the experience gain from RPBonus bonus.

Explained the other way around:

When it comes to experience, it works something like this:

CR of the monster,
Which is then averaged to the character with the highest level in the party,
that is then increased/decreased based on the number of characters in the party,
To be finally averaged a last time by your character's level, and multiplied (positively or negatively) by your ECL.

The first two factors are the most important, as they define your base experience gain.

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