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Loremaster is a custom prestige class available on Arelith.


In a world where secrets abound, and knowledge has power, where few men travel to distant lands, and fewer still return, where frequent wars claim not only countless lives, but can eradicate centuries of learning, it is the Loremaster; the men and women of studious intent, that guard the ultimate treasure of civilization.

The role of the Loremaster can differ greatly between the nations & races of Faerun. In some they are tutors, sages, philosophers and explorers, while among others they inspire an almost religious deference and respect; the keepers of ancestral lore, ancient myths and heroic tales that may serve to define entire cultures. In others still they are outlaws; dangerous free-thinkers and agitators,daring to challenge the established dogma of repressive regimes.

In all cases, however, they share one key defining trait, for it is in their commitment to truth, above all else, that the Loremaster finds their calling.

Class Features

  • Hit Die: d6
  • BAB: Medium (3/4)
  • Proficiencies: None
  • Saving Throws: High: Reflex and Will; Low: Fortitude
  • Skill Points: 8 + Base Int Modifier
  • Class Skills: appraise, concentration, craft mastery, disable trap, heal, listen, lore, open lock, ride, sail, search, spellcraft, spot, use magic device


To qualify as a Loremaster, a character must fulfill all of the following criteria.

  • Attribute: Base Intelligence 16
  • Skills: Lore 8 ranks
  • Feats: Skill Focus: Lore

Level progression

Lvl BAB Saves Caster Level Feats
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +0 +2 +2 +1 Loremaster's Knowledge, Scroll Mastery I, Wand Mastery I, Bonus Language I
2nd +1 +0 +3 +3 Secret Knowledge, Scroll Mastery II, Wand Mastery II, Bonus Language II
3rd +2 +1 +3 +3 Secret Knowledge, Scroll Mastery III, Wand Mastery III, Bonus Language III
4th +3 +1 +4 +4 Secret Knowledge, Scroll Mastery IV, Wand Mastery IV, Bonus Language IV
5th +3 +1 +4 +4 +2 Secret Knowledge, Scroll Mastery V, Wand Mastery V, Bonus Language V, Resilient Casting


Loremaster's Knowledge

This feat allows the character to identify items more easily than others. It grants the character a bonus equal to their class level x2 to any lore checks (including using scrolls).

Scroll Mastery

This feat Increases the caster level of all read scrolls by X. Grants a (X*10)% chance of not consuming a scroll upon use. (X = Mastery Level, For example: Scroll Mastery IV -> X = 4, Caster Level Bonus for scrolls: +4, Chance for not consuming a scroll: 40%).

Wand Mastery

As Scroll Mastery, but affects all wands and rods with the following bonuses:
Wand Mastery I - Increases the caster level of wands and rods by 1. 5% chance to preserve charge of a wand/rod.
Wand Mastery II - Increases the caster level of wands and rods by 1. 10% chance to preserve charge of a wand/rod.
Wand Mastery III - Increases the caster level of wands and rods by 2. 15% chance to preserve charge of a wand/rod.
Wand Mastery IV - Increases the caster level of wands and rods by 2. 20% chance to preserve charge of a wand/rod.
Wand Mastery V - Increases the caster level of wands and rods by 3. 25% chance to preserve charge of a wand/rod.

Bonus Language

The written word and spoken word, all are made and formed to give meaning. With knowledge comes power, and the power to know that all language stems from the same roots, giving you an edge and ability to speak an additional linguistic skill. Access by using the -bonus_language console command. (Each tier of this feat grants you the ability to learn an additional language).
NOTE: This language is instantly learned upon selection and not subject to the character's language cap
Special: At level 5, the Loremaster can learn an unteachable language via Bonus Language V (Animal language, deep speech, drow sign language, loross, roushoum, thieves cant). A Loremaster is limited to a single unteachable language learned in this fashion.

Secret Knowledge

Each time a Secret Knowledge is granted, a Loremaster may select one of the below feats, each feat may only be selected a single time.
Lesser Secrets can be taken at any Loremaster level.
Greater Secrets can only be taken at Loremaster 4 or 5.
Note: The Spell Focus secrets have the same level requirements as their corresponding feats. This is usually level 21.
Type Secret Description Effects
Lesser Health The Loremaster is practiced in ancient rituals, dietary regimes and exercises intended to bolster the health of the user. +30 HP
Lesser Inner Strength Akin to the Slippery Mind feat, the Loremaster is well-versed in mental techniques of distraction and circular logic intended to provide protection from mind-affecting spells and psionics. +2 Will Save
Lesser True Stamina Just as for every venom there is an antidote, physical shocks can be counterbalanced by maintaining a careful equilibrium of dietary supplements. The Loremaster is keenly aware of the eco-system within their own body, and maintains it with a scientific exactitude. +2 Fortitude Save
Lesser Avoidance While some avoid attacks with a heightened instinct for survival or alertness to any attack, the skilled Loremaster is often able to stay two steps ahead of any impending threat; a knowledge of applied force that allows them to correctly judge, almost immediately, the appropriate response to any unexpected change of physical circumstances. +2 Reflex Save
Lesser Weapon Trick The ability to know just when and where to strike is not purely the province of an experienced fighter, but can also be learned by studying the application of forces and physiology. Common in fencing, it can also be applied to a number of other weapons. By taking this approach a Loremaster can provide themselves a modest advantage in combat. +1 AB
Lesser Dodge Trick When one is aware of an attack, it is possible to maneuver in order to avoid it. A Loremaster skilled in this secret is able to recognise the common themes in a number of different defensive stances and tactics, and apply them holistically in a wide-variety of combat situations. +1 Dodge AC
Lesser Exploration Expert cartographers and explorers, these Loremasters have concentrated much of their learning on the physical discovery of paths and places as yet untrodden. This Secret allows the Loremaster to gain +100% adventure experience point gain from area and portal discoveries. 25% of this bonus adventure experience points is granted as an immediate XP gain, and the full amount also gets credited to their bank account in gold as a result of their selling maps. Revisiting a wilderness areas will auto-reveal that wilderness area map. Also grants +6 Sailing and +12 Climbing and the ability to investigate Tracks.
Lesser Gathering A deep understanding of the natural world have left the Loremaster able to significantly increase the yield when collecting resources. This secret allows the Loremaster to receive a 25% increase when collecting plants or common-tier ores, and a 10% bonus when mining high tier ores. The minimum gain for this secret is one extra unit of the resource.
Lesser Mechanical Animator This is the secret of Golem Crafting, allowing the Loremaster to construct a range of powerful Automatons.
Note: Golem crafting and use of the golem control stone requires level 15.
Greater Warding The Loremaster is versed in powerful sigils, and is able to inscribe a protective magical ward to shield an area from attack or teleportation. This secret allows the use of the -ward & -ward teleport commands.
Greater Summoning Being able to summon creatures and beings from beyond the Prime Material Plane is common enough to many spellcasters, but a Loremaster versed in this secret is able to also perform a ritual aimed at bringing a companion directly to their location, over any distance, so long as the target is willing to travel. This secret allows the use of the -yoink command.
Greater Scrying Whether referred to as Remote Travel, or a form of Astral Projection, the Loremaster, though ancient and carefully guarded meditative and magical techniques is able to concentrate their senses upon a chosen individual, witnessing, undetected, all that they say and do for a short period. This secret allows the use of the -scry command.
Greater Domination The concentration of one's will to seize control of another being has been to used to great effect over the centuries; casting down the reputation of kings and tyrants alike, urging great generals to sacrifice their forces on a fool's gambit, or simply to force followers to break fealty with their lords & masters. The Loremaster skilled in this secret is an expert puppeteer, and when using such magic is able to dominate more than one individual at any given time.
Greater Evocation The destructive power of magic can be truly devastating, but as any practitioner of the arcane know, the more powerful spells of this school can also cause not inconsiderable damage to the caster. A Loremaster skilled in this secret takes no 'blowback' damage when casting Hellball & Greater Ruin.
Greater Illusion While these 'clones' cannot physically harm others, they are otherwise an entirely perfect copy. The Loremaster versed in this secret is a master of illusion, and is able to use such magic to create an illusionary version of any individual. This secret also allows the use of the -project_image command.
Greater Necromancy There are perhaps few secrets more reviled than those which allow one to animate or summon undead entities, the most powerful of which are normally only granted to the most powerful wizards and clerics. A Loremaster with this secret has studied the necromantic arts extensively, and is granted access to the Create Greater Undead spell.
Greater Teleportation Immediate travel may often be achieved by use of Planar Portals; conduits positioned upon ley-lines or artificially constructed by powerful magics. The main drawback is that this can normally only be achieved by first attuning to both both destination and source, meaning that the travel itself is only possible from specific locations. A Loremaster who has learned this secret is able to open such a conduit from any location, so long as they they have first attuned to their chosen destination. This secret grants the ability to use the -teleport create command.
Greater The Artisan This feat allows you to add your skill ranks and bonuses on lore divided by 5 to your crafting points. Calculation is (Base Lore skill ranks + Skill Focus + Epic Skill Focus + base int mod. + Loremaster's Knowledge) / 5. This feat also unlocks all "class" specific recipes from Arelith's Crafting System.
Greater Tutor Tried and tested terminology and a handy knowledge of indexes allow ones self to aid in tutoring the spoken word and written testimonial to others. Where some may spend time spewing drivel you spend your time teachings efficiently, and so your pupils learn faster. Loremaster is twice as effective when teaching languages.

Augmented Casting

A 1st level Loremaster adds +1 Caster Level to existing casting classes
A 5th level Loremaster adds +2 Caster Level to existing casting classes (for a total of +3 Caster Level).

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