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[The Astrolabe]

Taverns are special places, or in some cases a whole map with tagged with the [Tavern] tag, that are intended to promote bartendering RP, have long conversations without having to consume food, water or the need to rest.

Finding a tavern

Most large cities have a tavern, most of them can be easily be spotted by advertisement boards displaying what alcohols are on sale on that moment and a bartender NPC selling them.

When a character enters an area defined as a tavern will present an accompanying entry flavour text. This text is displayed once every 30 seconds to avoid spamming messages.

Leaving those special areas will also display an exit flavour text.

Tavern Effects

State changes

The normal behavior for states will stop, as rest, food and thirst will not decrease.


Allows resting to above 50%, as areas with the [Rest] tag.

If the character ends with exactly or over 90% rest, applies a 1 regeneration point with a duration of 1 real life hour. This buff is lost when resting again outside a tavern, on death or getting incapacitated. This bonus will not help a bleeding out character.

Special beverages

Some player made drinks will have additional duration (90 instead of 30 minutes) and they will last through resting.

Tavern Management

Some taverns are also have quarters and shops inside them, and the owner has the following power and responsibilities:

  • Quarter
    • Evict any room owner.
    • Gain 45% of the purchase price when interior quarter is bought.
  • Shops
    • Can check the shop sales log and evict their owner.
    • Gain 45% of the purchase price when a shop is bought.
  • Taxes
    • All taxes/maintenance costs paid by Tenants go DIRECTLY to the Tavern Owner, so if each quarter owner feels their quarter is not secure and raises their Lock / Trap power, the tavern tax will be raised.
    • Pays 3x maintenance for each interior quarter when unoccupied.


Some taverns also allow to work as a server to gain ranks, experience and gold from the player patrons.

The taverns that allow this mechanic are easily identified because as they have advertisement boards with a randomly generated list of drinks in the area so players can see what it is available at the moment.

To start working as a server, seek the NPC bar recruiter and a tag will appear on your character name while in the tavern and the NPC bartender will walk away.

Once per real life week (End of the week, with a time variation of leap years and time adjustments) the bartender will gain exp based on rank or if inactive enough get fired.


The list of drinks available, which changes each reset, will be a combination of a quality, location and drink type. Inside the bar, several placeables exist with each drink name so the bartender can pour them, and the cost to do this varies per rank.


There are 3 bartender ranks, each of them receive a different amount of experience each week and have a different pouring cost. Everyone starts as a Server and depending on each week activity the rank can stay the same, go up/down or get fired.

The system considers as activity the time spent working on the bar with a multiplier based on drinks sold. Try to sell at least 1 drink while working or that week will have 0 activity points!

Only the drinks poured from the bar gives activity points, player made ones do not count for the system activity.

When fired, the character can not work as a bartender for two real life weeks.

Title Pour Cost Weekly XP Activity Points
Server 3 1000 60
Bartender 2 2000 120
Brewmaster 1 3000 180

Note: Commoners gets the experience without any penalty.