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Factions are groups of characters working towards shared goals. Anyone can create a faction on Arelith and a variety of tools are available to assist faction roleplay. Most faction functions are accessed by entering -factions in the chat box as a console command.

Arelith also has Settlements which are similar to factions. Settlements do not expire, however, and the leadership is elected instead of set on creation. When Settlement leaders create divisions, though, they show up and can be managed with the -faction command as described here. These factions and their members are also subject to control from the Settlement leadership.


Type -factions into the text box to begin. Any factions you are in will appear here for you to view and manage. You can view a list of members, see salary and rank information, and even leave the faction. Characters can also create their own new faction here. Anyone can create a new faction, though newly created factions may not appear for interaction until after the next reset. Factions can have only one owner (the creator) and they will expire if the owner does not check in with the -factions command for 30 real life days. Anyone not a faction owner will be removed from the faction if inactive for 30 days.

Once created, faction leaders can add ranks and members, set salaries to be paid to these members on the first of each month, and assign powers to ranks or individual members. All gold for the faction salaries comes from the associated faction bank account and the owner can assign power to access the account to any rank or member. When the balance of this account reaches zero, salaries stop being paid. Gold left in accounts of expired factions is lost.

The -factions menu also lists OOC messages for faction members. These messages are not considered in-character and should be information for players instead of their characters. Members will be notified in the combat log upon login if one of their factions has active messages. Owners can leave messages for specific characters by starting the messages with [PartOfName] or specific ranks with {PartOfRankName}. Owners and those with the power to see all messages will see every message.


Player owned Shops can be assigned to factions. These options are found by interacting with the shop's sign and allow the shop owner to decide which abilities faction members are allowed to access. The faction owner too must allow members to access shops through the -factions menu. This is to allow shop owners to retain ultimate control over their shop.

If a faction charges a tax on shop income, this tax is deducted only after the Settlement tax is removed.

Item Ownership Tag

Fixtures and other items can be tagged to be owned by the faction. This is done by adding the faction name in {} brackets, such as {Cordor Military}, to the item name. Fixtures can be tagged by multiple factions and the information in the tags is considered OOC information.

Tips & Tricks

Morderon provides the following tips:

  • If your faction account doesn't see much income but you still wish to pay out salaries. Pay a due of equal amount to the salaries that are being paid out. Dues are collected first.
  • When creating a new faction, I like to give the unranked rank all the OOC messaging powers, so that all my members can stay in contact.
  • If your faction does not appear after reset, it's not yet cached on that server. Type its name as if creating it and click Create New Faction. If you still cannot see your faction, contact a DM for assistance.

Faction Powers

A list of faction powers and some extra notes about their functionality.

Faction management powers

 View members
 View Ranks
 Rename Any Rank (Includes View Ranks)
 Rename Rank (Character's division only, includes View Ranks)
 Create Rank
 Remove Rank (Includes View Ranks)
 Give Powers to other Members (Includes View Members)
 Give Powers to Ranks (Includes View Ranks)
 Change character's rank (Includes View Members and View Ranks)
 Remove Members (includes View Members)
 Immunity (Character/Rank can only be modified by owners)
 View members powers (Includes View Members)
 View rank powers (Includes View Ranks)
 Refresh Faction

OOC message powers

 View Messages
 Create Message (includes View Messages)
 Remove Message (includes View Messages)
 See all messages regardless of rank (Includes View Messages)

Bank powers

 Check Balance
 Withdrawal (Includes Check Balance)
 Set Member Salary (Includes View Members, Includes View Member Salaries)
 View Member Salaries (Includes View Members)
 View Member Dues (Includes View Members)
 View Outsiders Paying Dues
 View Outsiders Being Payed Salaries
 View Outsider Salaried Amount (Includes View Outsiders (Salary))
 View Outsider Due Amount (Includes View Ousiders (Due))
 Set Outsider Salary (Includes View Outsiders (Salary) & View Outsider Salary Amount)
 Add Salaried Outsider (Includes Set Outsider Salary, View Outsider (Salary), View Outsider Salary Amount)
 Remove Outsider Paying Due (Includes View Outsider (due))
 Remove Outsider Being Payed Salary (Includes View Outsider (Salary))

Shop and Quarter powers

 See Shop Owned By Faction
 Place Item in Shop (Includes See Shop Owned)
 Remove Item from Shop (Includes See Shop Owned)
 Set default shop prices (Includes See Shop Owned)
 Set customer shop prices (Includes See Shop Owned)
 Set customer shop prices when placing items in shop only
 Create Key/Keyless Entry

Giving the create key power allows the rank to access the door without having a key, on top of being able to create keys. Previous suggestion about splitting up the key power between being able to create the key and being able to access without the key was denied. It is intended that the one power allows both functions.

Captain allows the rank to command ships that are set to that faction.

Fixture powers

 Rename/Redescribe Fixtures
 Remove Messages/Books from Message Boards/Bookshelves