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Time passes for characters in Arelith faster than it does for us in real life. The ratio is 3:1, meaning there are 3 in-game hours for each real-life hour. This is specific for Arelith and is different for the single-player version of Neverwinter Nights and could be different for other persistent worlds.

This counting of time is just a guideline to allow some use of dates in game. For example to mark important events, meetings or changes of seasons. It should be used with common sense and in many situations is the passage of time better left in very vague fashion. Time on Arelith comes down to "whatever is best for roleplay."

Time on Arelith previously ran a 10:1 time scale before it was changed to the current 3:1 time scale. A master thread about this change can be found at https://forum.nwnarelith.com/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=32103, which contains additional information, but is idiosyncratic to the change itself. For knowledge about the current flow of time, this wiki page contains all necessary information.

Time outside of game

See article about time zones.

Time in game

Every 5 real-life minutes, you will receive a "tick message" in your combat log with the in-game date, time, current stats for your rest/food/water/sobriety, and other useful knowledge. Each of these 'ticks' represents the passage of 15 in-game minutes. If one needs to check those stats independently, they can use the console command -date which also displays the current in-game year, month and day.

Underdark races may use the term "cycle" instead of "day".

Dawn, Dusk, and the Seasons

Spring (Months 3-5):

Dawn at 0700, Dusk at 1900

Summer (Months 6-8):

Dawn at 0600, Dusk at 2000

Autumn (Months 9-11):

Dawn at 0700, Dusk at 1900

Winter (Months 12-2):

Dawn at 0800, Dusk at 1800


The current date in-game can be seen with console command -date which displays the current in-game year, month and day, as well as the time of day down to 15-minute intervals (the "tick").

Arelith and Dale Reckoning

Arelith is set in the Forgotten Realms setting in 3rd edition D&D with some flavors from 3.5. The Arelith timeline diverges in early 1372 DR: Bane has been resurrected, but Lolth has never gone silent. This puts the setting after the Time of Troubles but before the Spellplague.

Arelith Reckoning (AR) timeline is used to progress the time on Arelith independently from the mainland of the Forgotten Realms. Dale Reckoning can be toggled viewable alongside AR using the console command -date_mode command. See that page for more details.

Dale Reckoning cannot be used to 'backdate' events that happened before AR 173:

"Backdating events on the DR calendar will not be possible with the time scale changes. Because all time prior to the changeover happened at 3.33x speed to all time that will happen after, we would get crazy and/or ambiguous dating issues like the Fall of Benwick or the Baronial Age being backdated to centuries ago, as opposed to mere decades.

"Therefore, only events that happen During or After 173 AR should be directly referenced in DR years. All timestamps prior to the year of the change will always display as if you were in -date_mode 0 (ex. 87 AR). Basically, it's too confusing to try to account for older events in the context of DR, so we're just saying "it doesn't work backwards" for the sake of everyone's sanity. For events before 173 AR, just use AR!" Bat Country

The offset between Arelith Reckoning and Dale Reckoning is 1200 years (ie.: 173 AR is the same as 1373 DR).

Events that occur in the Wizards of the Coast timeline after 1372 DR are not reflected on Arelith. Only the server owner can indicate that an event from the WotC canon from 1372 and onwards has transpired on the Faerunian mainland. Otherwise, you can (and should) assume it has not happened. The following WotC events are the only ones confirmed to apply to the canon on Arelith so far. This list will be updated if it changes:

1372 DR - The Resurrection of Bane
1372 DR - The return of Thultanthar and arrival of the Shadovar
1372 DR - Elminster trapped in the Nine Hells

Time Conversions

Game Time to Real Life (RL) Time Conversions

1 Round = 6 RL Seconds
1 Turn = 1 RL Minute
1 Tick (15 Game Minutes) = 5 RL Minutes
1 Game Hour = 20 RL Minutes
1 Game Day = 8 RL Hours
1 Game Month (28 Game Days) = 9.33 RL Days
1 Game Year (336 Game Days) = 112 Real Days
(Note: This is Arelith specific. The relation between game and real-time may be different on other servers and modules.)

Real Time to Game Time Conversions

1 RL Minute = 1 Turn
5 RL Minutes = 1 Tick (15 Game Minutes)
1 RL Hour = 3 Game Hours
1 RL Day = 3 Game Days
1 RL Week = 21 Game Days
1 RL Month (30 RL days) = 3.21 Game Months = 90 Game Days
1 RL Year (365 RL days) = 39.11 Game Months = 1095 Game Days


The Moon Cycles of Arelith

01-04: Waning Gibbous
05-07: Third Quarter (Half Moon)
08-11: Waning Crescent
12-14: New Moon
15-18: Waxing Crescent
19-21: First Quarter (Half Moon)
22-25: Waxing Gibbous
26-28: Full Moon

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