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[The Astrolabe]

Boons are a collection of secret locations and puzzles that provide role-playing and thematic bonuses to those who unlock them. Scattered around the world of Arelith, they provide players with a reason to explore and visit (or revisit) "special" locations beyond simple XP and gold. Their discovery and secrets should remain Find Out In Game (FOIG) to preserve their creators' intent.

Irongron: "I absolutely love the idea of in-game effort revealing actual in-game secrets, and for research in game to yield actually useful, mechanical results, rather than everything being up on a wiki and a spreadsheet."

Communion Boon

  • +5 Lore to language comprehension checks.
  • Ability to comprehend written deep speech as if 25% more fluent.

Giant / Jotun Boon

  • 30 lbs of extra carry capacity.

Riding Instructor Boon

  • Prevention of being thrown except by spell or jousting.

Furies Boon

  • Dice alteration on Call Lightning. (d6 -> d10)
  • Alternate Call Lightning VFX.