Planar Ally

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Spell Level(s): Cleric 6, Favored Soul 6
Innate Level: 6
School: Conjuration
Descriptor(s): None
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Short (8 meters)
Area of Effect / Target: Caster
Duration: 1 hour / level
Additional Counter Spells: None
Save(s): None
Spell Resistance: No

Description: An outsider is summoned to assist the caster. The type of outsider is dependent upon the specific summon stream. Conjuring a summon that is different from the caster's alignment is subject to alignment divergence and losing control of the summon. One can see the chance of hostility using the -stream command, use -stream ? for more details.


Spell Innate Level Type GCoD SFB ECB S ADv BoD BrS
Summon Creature I 1 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature II 2 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature III 3 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature IV 4 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature V 5 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature VI 6 Beast ^ *C
Summon Creature VII 7 Elemental ^ *C S
Summon Creature VIII 8 Elemental ^ *C S
Summon Creature IX 9 Elemental ^ *C + S
Elemental Swarm 9 Elemental ^ *C + S
Shelgarn's Persistent Blade 1 Construct E
Mordenkainen's Sword 7 Construct E
Black Blade of Disaster 9 Construct C 👁
Shadow Conjuration 4 Outsider I
Greater Shadow Conjuration 5 Outsider I
Animate Dead 3 Undead N S
Create Undead 6 Undead N S
Create Greater Undead 8 Undead N S
Blackguard Create Undead - Undead N
Animate Dead (feat)[2] - Undead N S
Summon Undead (feat) - Undead N S
Summon Greater Undead (feat) - Undead N S
Lesser Planar Binding 5 Outsider S
Planar Ally 6 Outsider S
Planar Binding 6 Outsider S
Greater Planar Binding 8 Outsider + S
Gate 9 Outsider + S 👁
Epic Spell: Dragon Knight[3] 10 Dragon C + S 👁
Epic Spell: Dragon Knight[4] 10 Undead N + S 👁
Epic Spell: Mummy Dust 10 Undead N S 👁
Epic Spell: Planar Conduit 10 Outsider C + S[5] 👁
Summon Fiend[6] - Outsider C + S
Dark Invocation: Planar Gate[7] - Outsider C[8] S 👁
Eldritch Summon[9] - Outsider C +[10] S[11] [12]
  1. Shadows receive turns, hours, then hours * 2 per level with Illusion spell focuses plus concealment + 10% per Illusion Focus.
  2. Blackguard and Pale Master animate dead class feats, see Summons and Blackguard unique undead for details.
  3. Non-dracolich stream.
  4. Dracolich stream.
  5. For the purposes of Planar Conduit, characters can only use streams on their own Good-Evil alignment axis. Evil characters can take this feat and use the neutral summons, but there is no support for demons and devils.
  6. Blackguard fiendish summons class feat, see Summons for details.
  7. Warlock Dark Invocation: Planar Gate bonus feat summons as Gate spell.
  8. Warlock Dark Invocation: Planar Gate feat special: Bonuses for this summon as if the Warlock had Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration even without the feats.
  9. Warlock Eldritch summon pact feats. See Summons for details.
  10. Warlock Eldritch summon feat tiers 4 and above are subject to the Epic Caster Bonus.
  11. You can only summon streams that a warlock can do pacts, with the Eldricth summon feat.
  12. Warlock Eldritch summon feat summons are exempt from the alignment divergence penalties typical of outsider summons.


  • None