Assassin Quest System

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This page outlines the Assassin Quest system.

Assassin Questline

An NPC called "The Contractor" can be found in the Assassin Guildhouse. This NPC offers one quest every 19 hours for Assassins only (characters with at least 5 Assassin levels).There are three types of Assassin Quests:

  • Assassination Quests
  • Information Gathering Quests (See #Notes)
  • Political Quests (See #Notes)

Assassination Quests

  • A target NPC and their location is generated randomly for each quest. When the assassin enters the area, the NPC spawns. The strength of the NPCs scale up with the level of the assassin.
  • Upon successful elimination of the target the assassin is rewarded by The Contractor (XP + Gold).
  • Before offering any quests The Contractor gives an Assassin's Belt to the player. This belt is upgraded every time the character is promoted similar to the Radiant Heart Quest System.
  • The Assassin's Belt can be examined to view current quest details including current progress.


  • The quest giver is bugged (Jan 10th, 2022) and will not give you inprogress quest details.
  • The following quests are bugged and do not work at all (Jan 10th, 2022)
  • Political Quests
  • Information Gathering Quests

Assassin Ranks

Rank Quests Completed
Clipper 0-4
Contractor 5-14
Liquidator 15-24
Master Assassin 24 + Completed Master Assassin Quest

Master Assassin Quest

In order to become a Master Assassin, the PC has to eliminate another Master Assassin(NPC).

Assassin Belt

Rank 1

+2 Dex or Str
+2 Hide/move silently

Rank 2

+2 Dex or Str
+3 Hide/MS
+2 Bluff

Rank 3

+2 Dex or Str
+2 Int
+3 Hide/MS
+3 Bluff

Rank 4

+2 Dex or Str
+2 Int
+3 Hide/MS
+3 Bluff
+1 universal save