Holy Sword

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Spell Level(s): Paladin 4
Innate Level: 4
School: Evocation
Descriptor(s): Weapon Enchantment
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Personal
Area of Effect / Target: Caster
Duration: 1 round / level
Additional Counter Spells: None
Save(s): None
Spell Resistance: No

Description: This spell transforms the caster's melee weapon into a powerful holy avenger, a specially blessed weapon that, when wielded by paladin, acts like a +5 holy weapon that dispels magic on-hit and grants the wielder a spell resistance of 16. Self target only. The On-Hit Dispel effect is capped at caster level 21. If the caster has Abjuration Foci, the Dispel check improves by +1 per focus feat. Divine Champion levels stack with Paladin levels for determining the caster level of this spell. Holy sword can only trigger once per flurry (ie. 2 second cooldown) and has a 1 round cooldown after successfully removing 1+ effects from a target. Can no longer be crafted into wands or scrolls. Non-restricted weapon enchantment.


  • Restricted weapon enchantments cannot be used with magical weapons, weapons with any property, or stacked with each other.
  • Non-restricted weapon enchantments can be used freely in any weapon and stacked with one another; even on Restricted weapon enchantments.
  • Players commonly seek out bronze weapons (which have no properties) to have blank weapons to be able to apply Restricted weapon enchantments first, and then cast additional Non-restricted enchantments.
  • Casting a weapon enchantment on a target with an invalid main hand weapon (due to the weapon already being enchanted or possessing magical properties) will attempt to apply the weapon enchantment to the offhand.
Spell Restricted or
Blackstaff Non-Restricted No
Blade Thirst Non-Restricted No
Bless Weapon Non-Restricted Yes
Deafening Clang Non-Restricted No
Holy Sword Non-Restricted N/A
Darkfire Restricted Yes
Elemental Weapon Restricted Yes
Greater Magic Weapon Restricted Yes
Keen Edge Restricted Yes
Magic Weapon Restricted No
  • Additionally, the weapon enchantments Bless Weapon, Darkfire, Elemental Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon, and Keen Edge spells cast from items such as scrolls and wands will:
    • Use the Caster Level of the item for the Duration of the spell.
    • Use the Character Level of the item user for the Effects of the spell.
    • Bless Weapon exceptions:
      • Will grant +2d6 damage vs. dragons if the user of the scroll is level 18 or higher. The CL of the scroll is still level 17 and Enhancement bonus is capped at +3.
      • Note: It is possible to achieve +4 enhancement with Loremaster scroll + levels (17 CL scroll + 5 levels from LM = 22 CL scroll), but still requires the base character level to be at least 21 for the effects.
Examples - A Character of various levels using a Greater Magic Weapon Scroll (Caster Level 15)
A level 30 Character will have a duration of 5 hours (15 Caster Level/3 hours) and an enhancement bonus of +5 ((Character Level +3)/4 - capped at +5).
A level 15 Character will have a duration of 5 hours (15 Caster Level/3 hours) and an enhancement bonus of +4 ((Character Level +3)/4).
A level 5 Character will have a duration of 5 hours (15 Caster Level/3 hours) and an enhancement bonus of +2 ((Character Level +3)/4)


  • None