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[The Astrolabe]

A Familiar is a special type of associate for several of the arcane spell casters:

Familiars gain levels as their master gains sorcerer or wizard levels and are not unsummoned upon resting.

Arelith Customizations

  • Summon Familiar has a cooldown of 10 minutes, starting the moment the familiar is slain or dismissed.
  • The console command -associate allows player to speak through their familiar without possessing it.
  • The console command -familiar allows the caster to change the look (skin) of their familiar once on every level.
  • The -familiar chat command can now be used to rename familiars. This is done by adding the parameter "name". Example: -familiar name NewName. To prevent typos, the command needs to be entered twice to confirm the desired name. Characters can change their familiar's name once every 15 days and after every level up.

New skin options: Attack Hound, Cat, Chicken, Dog, Falcon, Jaguar, Krenshar, Mouse, Parrot, Snake, Spider, Tiny Mycoid, Tiny Slime, Toad, Worg
Default Familiar skin options: different skin options dependant on the selected default familiar:
  • Bat: Black cat, Tabby cat, Black owl, Meenlock, Mouse, Parrot, Stirge
  • Eyeball: Cat, Falcon, Toad, Wasp¹, Will-o'-wisp
  • Fairy Dragon: Chicken, Falcon, Parrot, Will-o'-wisp, Yeth Hound, Grey owl
  • Fire Mephit: Lemure, Mane, Snake, Spider, Turtle, Yellow owl
  • Hell Hound: Attack Hound, Dog, Lemure, Mane, Worg, Alternate Hellhound
  • Ice Mephit: Mouse, Seagull, Snake, Toad, Yeth Hound, White owl
  • Imp: Quasit, Spider, Stirge, Toad, Wasp¹, Brown owl
  • Panther: Cooshee², Dog, Jaguar, Krenshar, Yeth Hound, Akita dog, Shepherd dog
  • Pixie: Crawling Claw, Imp, Meenlock, Mouse, Quasit, Tiny Myconid, Tiny Slime, Monkey, Squirrel
  • Pseudo Dragon: Bat, Chicken, Seagull, Spider, Tiny Slime
  • Raven: Cooshee², Falcon, Parrot, Tiny Myconid, Turtle, Rabbit, Purple crab
¹: Wasps are only available to surface characters; UD characters can select a Phase Wasp instead.
²: Cooshees, or 'elven hounds' are only available to surface elves and half-elves.

[images by pitfam] *some newer updates are not pictured below

  • Pixie skins
  • Pixie skins - Crawling Claw
  • Bat skins
  • Panther skins
  • Hellhound skins
  • Imp skins
  • Fire Mephit skins
  • Ice Mephit skins
  • Raven skins
  • Faerie Dragon skins
  • Pseudo Dragon skins
  • Eyeball skins

Useful Notes

  • Characters don't gain any EXP while possessing familiars.
  • Characters' state is still altered while familiar is possessed. The mage may die from hunger or thirst.
  • Familiars don't have inventory. They can not carry items, including keys. They can not open door locked by a specific key or storage chests.

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