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Server Owner and Administrators

Along with the Server Owner, Administrators can be contacted in regards to joining the Staff. They handle hiring, and have specializing roles, but any PMs to them should be sent to Active Admins on the forums, rather than individually. Matters specifically about area work, or matters of discretion can be sent directly to Irongron.

Irongron: Irongron is the present server owner. Irongron also is the Creative Lead of Arelith, overseeing and credited with such works as Andunor, the main settlement city of Arelith's underdark, as well as countless other Arelith features worked on together with Arelith's Contributors.

ActionReplay: Andunor/Ships System, and Arelith's Unique Spells.

Grumpycat: Grumpycat's Admin role specializes in Arelith Community Management, reward redemption (5%), and the referral point for Forum Moderators.

Morderon: Arelith Technical Lead. Guru of the Database and Codebase. Rumored to be an eye on a tower.

Spyre: General Admin. Responsible for all aspects of the admin role. Currently handles the following responsibilities: account management (forum / in-game) such as character issues, forum access issues, award issues, etc), database related work, area development / code development, etc.

Hoodoo: General Admin. Responsible for web development, server maintenance and shared responsibilities with Morderon and Spyre.

Aniel: Class Lead. Responsible for the approval and final decisions surrounding class development.

Retired Administrators

Liareth: While technically retired, Liareth, also known as Scholar Midnight, still advises on some technical issues, including server disruptions, and emergencies that come up.

LittleWeasel: LittleWeasel was a previous admin who often helped in escalation matters in case of server/community issues when emergencies arose.

Mithreas: Mithreas was the former server owner, passing the reigns to Irongron in early 2016. He is currently heading his own server Anemoi. Mithreas is still called for some technical issues and insights as needed.

Head Dungeon Master

DM Titania: A goddess since July 2014.

Active Dungeon Masters (DM)

The below list is the current Active DM's. Some focus primarily on creative narratives, others on player management, and others a hybrid of both.

DM Avalon Soul

DM Calico

DM Chatsworth

DM Corruption

DM Crow

DM Dionysus

DM Dropbear

DM Favoritism

DM Herald

DM Kannoth

DM Monkey

DM MoonMoon

DM Poppy

DM Potato

DM Rainbow

DM Satyr

DM Spark

DM Starfish

DM Starshine

DM Straw Hat

DM Wake

DM Wraith

Forum Moderators

The below should be messaged regarding any breach in forum conduct.





The Active DM Team are also moderators.


The following have contributed content, be it scripts, areas, or new systems. Names follow with known credited work, list is inconclusive.

Aellowyn: Artist/Hak Developer

Aergnist: Code Contributor, WebDev

Anachorn: Code Contributor

Anatida: Area Developer, Artist/Hak Developer

Aniel: Code Contributor, Build/Balance Advisor

Artenides: Code Contributor

Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia: Code Contributor, Area Developer, Artist/Hak Developer

Cih: WebDev

DangerDolphin: Code Contributor

DM Symphony: Artist/Hak Developer

DM Hoodoo: Code Contributor, WebDev

DM Spyre: Code Contributor, Area Developer

DM Titania: WebDev

Garrbear: Code Contributor, Build/Balance Advisor

In Sorrow We Trust: Area Developer

Kenji: Code Contributor, Build/Balance Advisor

Laur: Artist/Hak Developer

Matheus Graef: Artist/Hak Developer

Msheeler: Code Contributor, Area Developer

Mythic: Area Developer

R0gue: Artist/Hak Developer

Rin: WebDev

Xerah: Code Contributor, Build/Balance Advisor

The Administrators also double as contributors.

Past Contributors

The following have contributed content previously and are no longer on the staff of Arelith. We wish to acknowledge their efforts and dedication to bringing new work, enjoyment and continuity to the server:

Bjorn Blue Tiger: Code Contributor

Kirito: Code Contributor

miesny_jez: Code Contributor

Septire: Code Contributor, Area Developer

yellowcateyes: Code Contributor

Jack Oat: Build/Balance Advisor

Red Ropes: Area Developer

Zaphiel: Code Contributor

Magistrasa: Artist/Hak Developer