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[The Astrolabe]
Spell Level(s): Bard 0, Cleric 0, Druid 0, Favored Soul 0, Shaman 0, Paladin 0
Innate Level: 0
School: Transmutation
Descriptor(s): None
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Touch
Area of Effect / Target: Single
Duration: 1 Turn / Level
Additional Counter Spells: None
Save(s): Harmless
Spell Resistance: No

Description: The target creature gains 1d3 temporary hit point per 3 caster levels above his maximum total.


Spell Notes
Acid Splash, Electric Jolt, Ray of Frost Damage increased to 1d6 per 3 caster levels.
Flare No longer applies an AB penalty. Instead, the cantrip inflicts 1d6 fire damage per 3 caster levels.
Daze Inflicts 1d4 psychic damage per 3 caster levels. The duration of the daze effect is now 1d2 rounds. The damage applies regardless of whether the daze affects the target.
Cure Minor Wounds Healing increased to 1d3 per 3 caster levels (minimum of 4). Damage versus Undead 1d6 per 3 caster levels.
Inflict Minor Wounds Damage increased to 1d6 per 3 caster levels. Healing on Undead 1d3 per 3 caster levels.
Sacred Flame Inflicts between 1d3 and 1d6 damage for every 3 caster levels to a single target creature, depending on the distance between caster and target. Damage type changes based on alignment or is selectable with -stream.
Virtue Now grants 1d3 temporary hit points per 3 caster levels. Does not stack with itself.
Resistance The original effect was replaced with scaling damage reduction (starts at 1/+1, improving to 2/+2 at CL7+, 3/+3 at CL14+, 4/+4 at CL21+ and 5/+5 at CL28+). The effect can absorb CL+1d6 damage before it fades. Duration is 1 hour.
Bestow Wound Drains the subject dealing d3 points of bleeding damage for every 3 caster levels. Healing self for 1 point for every 3 caster levels. Empowered if the target is frightened.
Blades of Fire Ignites the subject's melee weapons, allowing each to deal an additional 2d4 worth of fire damage for the duration; 2d6 at level 9, 2d8 at level 18, and 2d10 at level 27. This spell does not stack with Darkfire or Elemental Weapon. Non-restricted weapon enchantment.
Sustain Caster touches a friendly creature with less than 1 hit point remaining and grants them 1/- Bleed damage resistance for a duration of 1 turn. Creatures with with 0 hit points or less (who are bleeding out) are immediately sustained this way, and then restored back to 1 hit point after 1 round. This spell will also prevent the effects of the Stop Heart spell if used upon an afflicted creature and grant immunity to it for 1 turn.
Vicious Mockery The caster laces their words with hateful energy and aggressively mocks a creature in range that is capable of hearing. The target takes 1d4 Psychic damage per 3 caster levels. They must roll a Will save or receive a -1 morale penalty per 9 caster levels to their Attack Bonus and a -2 morale penalty per 9 caster levels to Leadership, Bluff, and Intimidate for 1d2 rounds. This spell has no effect on targets that are immune to mind effects. The debuff is not applied if caster level is lower than the HD of the target. Vicious Mockery will remove Serene Visage from any target it strikes.
Chill Touch The caster creates a ghostly, skeletal hand in the space of a creature within range. They must make a ranged touch attack against the ceature to assail it with the chill of the grave. On a hit, the target takes 1d2 Entropic and 1d2 Cold damage per 3 caster levels and is sent into a shivering frenzy, receiving a -2 penalty to their Heal and Concentration skills for every 9 caster levels for 1d3 rounds. If the target is undead, it must succeed a Will save or receives a -1 penalty to its Attack bonus per 9 caster levels for 1d3 rounds. The debuff is not applied if caster level is lower than the HD of the target.

Cantrips and Metamagic:

  • All cantrips can be cast with Quicken Spell, Still Spell and Silent Spell.
  • Cantrips with a duration (Daze, Virtue, Resistance, Light) can be cast with Extend Spell.
  • Cantrips intentionally cannot be empowered or maximized, nor will they be affected by similar class or feat effects.
  • Metamagic does not prevent cantrips from getting replenished.


  • None