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Support Tickets
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Support Tickets

What is the ticketing system? serves as portal to the tickets, you can login with your forum account. Through this site you're enabling us to remotely fill in some requests for you. Such requests that can be filled through tickets are:

  • Retaking level(Deleveling you to certain level minus one(1) XP to let you re-take the said level)
  • Alignment Shift (Alignment shifts only go one step at a time. I.e. Chaotic Good can only move to Neutral Good or Chaotic Neutral at once)
  • Redeem Class Token (Harper, Zhentarim, Shifter, Assassin tokens. Only ones that you have had your application approved through forums)
  • Change Soundset (with the exact ID)
  • Change Portrait (with the exact filename)
  • Renaming Character
  • RPR Evaluation (only up to RPB30. RPB40 and 50 should be done through Forum PM to Active DM's)
  • Relevel token (After -relevel will be eventually disabled, all future relevel tokens will be granted through Tickets).

This can not only make it faster to get these simple procedures done, but also ease the DM workload whenever we have time for in-game attention.

Something that are NOT doable through ticket system:

  • Hair/Tattoo colors
  • Head changes
  • Race/other reward/domain tokens