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Spell Level(s): Bard 0, Cleric 0, Druid 0, Elementalist 0, Favored Soul 0, Hemomancer 0,  Hexblade 1, Paladin 0, Shaman 0, Sorcerer 0, Spellsword 0, Wizard 0
Innate Level: 0
School: Evocation
Descriptor(s): None
Component(s): Verbal
Range: Touch
Area of Effect / Target: Single
Duration: 1 hour / level
Additional Counter Spells: Darkness
Save(s): None
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Creates a small light source above the target creature's head. The light travels with the target and is capable of illuminating a small area. It can be cast on any item the character can equip to make it glow for the spell's duration like a natural source of light. The color of the spell can be changed using the text command prior to casting: Grey: -gre, White: -wht, Yellow: -yel, Orange: -ora, Red: -cri, Purple: -pur, Blue: -blu.


  • Can be cast on fixtures.
  • Cantrips are now infinite; uses are automatically replenished after casting.
  • Wizard: Casting a Wizard cantrip has a 5% chance to activate Arcane Flux.
Spell Notes
Acid Splash, Electric Jolt, Ray of Frost Damage increased to 1d6 per 3 caster levels.
Flare No longer applies an AB penalty. Instead, the cantrip inflicts 1d6 fire damage per 3 caster levels.
Daze Inflicts 1d4 psychic damage per 3 caster levels. The duration of the daze effect is now 1d2 rounds. The damage applies regardless of whether the daze affects the target.
Cure Minor Wounds Healing increased to 1d3 per 3 caster levels (minimum of 4). Damage versus Undead 1d6 per 3 caster levels.
Inflict Minor Wounds Damage increased to 1d6 per 3 caster levels. Healing on Undead 1d3 per 3 caster levels.
Sacred Flame Inflicts between 1d3 and 1d6 damage for every 3 caster levels to a single target creature, depending on the distance between caster and target. Damage type changes based on alignment or is selectable with -stream.
Virtue Now grants 1d3 temporary hit points per 3 caster levels. Does not stack with itself.
Resistance The original effect was replaced with scaling damage reduction (starts at 1/+1, improving to 2/+2 at CL7+, 3/+3 at CL14+, 4/+4 at CL21+ and 5/+5 at CL28+). The effect can absorb CL+1d6 damage before it fades. Duration is 1 hour.

Cantrips and Metamagic:

  • All cantrips can be cast with Quicken Spell, Still Spell and Silent Spell.
  • Cantrips with a duration (Daze, Virtue, Resistance, Light) can be cast with Extend Spell.
  • Cantrips intentionally cannot be empowered or maximized, nor will they be affected by similar class or feat effects.
  • Metamagic does not prevent cantrips from getting replenished.


  • None