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This page outlines the Pirate System on Arelith

Pirates of Arelith

The decentralized pirates of Arelith enjoy lives on the sea swashbuckling and plundering what they can. These freefolk are often scorned outside of freeports, having given up civilized law-focused roles for that of sea and treasure.

To brand themselves as members of this lifestyle in and around Arelith, pirates take ink upon the skin which allows them to both showcase their choice of freedom and find like-minded individuals to form crews. This ink also acts as proof that they are dedicated to the lifestyle in the region, allowing them greater access to property and services only offered to pirates.

“ Freedom comes by the sea! ” — A saying by pirates

Pirates and Arelith Roleplay

For characters who have roleplayed being a pirate before coming to Arelith; you can still do this. However, the system of pirate ink and the Freeport of Sencliff require you to make new bonds and agreements for the region to be recognized as a pirate within the archipelago. Sailing and piracy is intended to be a group endeavor, so it is suggested you look for various crews to join or consider starting your own!

Arelith Customisations & Mechanics

On Arelith, pirates start off on the Freeport of Sencliff, a separate isle from the main Arelith isle. Pirates of Arelith, should they want to utilize pirate specific locations, shops, ships, and services need to take on the ink. Due to the heavy connection to sailing, it is recommended you look into the Sailing page and heavily consider investing in the Sail skill.

Sencliff Pirate Ink

Pirates of Sencliff are expected to showcase their dedication by taking the ink. You can choose to be a pirate on creation, or after creation by speaking with a specific NPC.

  • Most normal races can be pirates. Monsters and Outcasts are restricted.
  • Alignment must be non-good.
  • Commoners can start on Sencliff, but can not take the ink. DM approval via application may allow this for certain situations.
  • Using a normal award allows Duergar and Goblin characters to attain pirate tattoos and start in Sencliff. This reward requires an APPROVED application made to the DM team prior to taking the award.

Taking the ink and becoming a pirate restricts you from joining any settlement. If you were a citizen of a settlement prior, your status is revoked, losing access to settlement storage and being unable to participate in settlement systems such as leadership voting. Pirate ink can be removed only by submitting an application to the DM Team. If approved, the character will have the ink removed and have a permanent Mark placed.

Ranking System

  • There are seven ranks:
  • Greenhorn
  • Shipmate
  • Veteran
  • Swashbuckler
  • Corsair
  • Buccaneer
  • Dread Pirate

The Sencliff Pirates rank is recorded in ink, which will be displayed in the character's bio description. A pirate can only be identified through a bio message when they reach the rank of Dread Pirate by outsiders. Pirates can identify each other regardless of rank.

Quest System

There is a quest system for the Sencliff's Pirates. These special quests are offered once a day, are one-time only, and have no max level limit on when they can be finished. Finishing these quests progresses a PC up the pirate's ranks.

Pirate Services

Various services and properties open up on Sencliff and beyond for inked pirates. Sencliff's ships, some owned some rented, can only be acquired or used by being a pirate and of certain ranking. The guildhouse, quarters, and the various shops on Sencliff also require the ink to be owned.

There are additional interactions which are open to pirates which can be discovered through exploration.