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Quests are repeatable missions that can earn characters gold and experience. They can provide an alternative or supplement to the typical dungeon trip.

Most quests also provide additional Adventuring XP.

Registry Agency Quests

The Trackless Sea Adventurer's Registry & Contracting Agency, better known as The Registry, has agents throughout the area who can give out contract quests. Speak to an agent to sign up and receive a writ which registers you to take contracts. Agents can usually be found in settlement taverns.

Each agent gives missions to fight foes or deliver items within the local area. Completing these quests and returning to an agent can give gold and experience, but only three new contracts can be accepted per real life day. In addition, characters will only be given new fighting quests until level 21 in most areas. Certain parts of the server have fighting level quests up to 30, but they are to be found in game.

The agents in the Nomad Tavern in Cordor, the Hub (upper) in the Underdark and the Mayor’s House in Skal will give out contracts appropriate for newer characters. Other agents, though, may give much more dangerous jobs. This means that it can be easy to find a level-appropriate party by waiting for other contract seekers near an agent that gives quests for your level range.


Note that some writs require killing a total number of enemies. Depending on the area, and who has passed through recently, the area may need time to respawn enemies to fight. The respawn timer takes 5-6 minutes to activate and must happen while there are no players in the area. So, if no enemies appear in a writ area, try leaving the area for 5-6 minutes to see if enemies respawn. Keep in mind that enemies respawning is an out-of-character mechanic and should not be abused for meta information. Refer to Rules and Metagaming.

Package Quests

Characters delivering packages will be identified in their description as carrying a warded package upon examination. They will be unable to run until the package is removed and spells like Haste or Expeditious Retreat will provide no movement bonuses. This makes them a potentially easy target for bandit characters on the road who can claim the packages, and rewards for delivery, themselves!

Writ Contract types

Employment (Writ) Contract now have two possible types, selectable ONCE when first speaking with the Registry Agent.

Professional Contract

  • 100% (Immediate) XP and GP Reward
  • 25% Adventure XP XP Reward

Freelancer Contract