Cursed Lightning

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Spell Level(s): Cleric 8, Favored Soul 8, Hemomancer 8, Sorcerer 8, Wizard 8
Innate Level: 8
School: Necromancy
Descriptor(s): None
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Long (40 meters)
Area of Effect / Target: Huge (6.67 meters radius)
Duration: Instantaneous
Additional Counter Spells: None
Save(s): Reflex, see text
Spell Resistance: Yes

Description: Fueled by the caster's own life force, a curse erupts from the chosen area taking shape of a corrupted electric shock. Those caught in the explosion risk further damage as the curse slowly erodes their flesh. Effect: Primary Damage: 1d6 per 3 Caster Levels + 1d6 per Evocation Spell Focus feat chain - Type: Electricity. Secondary Damage: 1d6 per 3 Caster Levels - Type: Negative changes to Entropy if the caster has ESF Necromancy feat. While Hemomancer will cause Bleeding damage type. Reflex Save halves the damage. Targets with Evasion or Improved Evasion feats who pass the saving throw also dodge the Damage Over Time (DOT) effect. Damage Over Time Effect: Duration: 2 + 1 per 10 Caster Levels. Extend Spell Metamagic adds 2 rounds. Damage ticks every 3 seconds. Stacking: DOT does not stack. Damage: 1d6 + (1d6 if the caster has ESF Evocation of Primary Damage (Electricity)) + (1d6 if the caster has ESF Necromancy of Primary Damage (Electricity)). 1d10 of Secondary Damage type (see above). Special: This spell belongs to Blood Arcana, as such to cast it a portion of own health needs to be sacrificed as part of the material component.


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