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Character Remake
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Quick Summary

Arelith has a number of options available regarding adjusting your Character and remaking them entirely.

Relevel - Using the console command -relevel, you will be returned to level 1 whilst retaining all of your XP. This will allow you to reselect Feats, Skill and Stats from level 2.

Remake - Using the ingame command -remake_character will delete your character without rolling on the Epic Sacrifice system. This will allow you to remake a Character of the same name. A server reset is required before you can re-select the same name

Character Adjustment - Following an application to the DM Team, you can request a change to your level 1 Feats, Stats or Class to help fix a bad build or to take you out of a class following on from a class overhaul.

Process Explanations


Using the ingame command -relevel will return you to level 1 whilst retaining all of your XP. It is imperative that you reach level 2 before logging out, as it may result in a loss of your inventory.

Note: Your crafting points are not reset with the -relevel command. This is only available through a request to the DM Team and will incur an XP Penalty.


At any point, you may choose to use the -remake_character command to remake your Character from scratch. This process will delete your Character without rolling on the Epic Sacrifice table.

  • You may remake your Character with the same name and retain prior RP memories
  • Your Character MUST remain the same race
  • You cannot add new awards to a remade character
  • When remaking a character who had an award, you will need an award available to spend on it again for the remake.

This process will reset your XP, Bank Balance, Inventory, Storage, Properties and any other previously stored information regarding your Character.

Note: A server reset will need to take place before using the same name.

Rules and Etiquette

Muling is not permitted in any form. Following a remake, any property or posessions previously held by the Character may not be retaken or returned to them.

Note: Properties may be owned again, provided they are found for sale uninfluenced.

In the case of a character Relevel it is considered to be an exploit when abusing the command for examples such as:

  • Rebuilding to take and use Crafting Feats and then switching back
  • Rebuilding to take and use Class/Skills and then switching back
  • Selecting a class with a language and then switching back
  • Selecting a class to manipulate the crafting system and then switching back.

If in doubt of what is and is not "Gaming the system" ask a member of the DM Team. For most cases, if you are going to switch class, we will expect you to stick with it and have good RP reasons to have switched in the first place. Excessive use of the relevel function is monitored.

Character Adjustments

As Arelith is a constantly evolving server with the addition of new systems, features and balances, there will be instances in which a Player may feel as though the function of their Character has been changes as a result.

The Character Adjustment system is a process in which a player may apply to the DM Team to have certain aspects of their Character modified at level 1 (Feats, Stats, Class).

This system is in place specifically for Characters whom have been built incorrectly and require a small modification to correct them or to adapt following on from a Class/Feature Overhaul.

Character Adjustments will not be offered as a replacement to the -remake_character feature regarding changing class.


What Character Adjustments can do:

  • Change level 1 Base Class, if alignment restrictions are met.
  • Change level 1 Feats / Stats
Note: Existing Paths will be removed

What Character Adjustments cannot do:

  • Cannot become Commoner and Commoners cannot be adjusted
  • Cannot adjust Characters that started as "Archer Rangers" due to feat adjustments
  • Cannot adjust Totem Druids due to stat adjustments
  • Cannot adjust starting gifts.

Stat Change

Character Name - Bob
Player Name - MrBobPlaysHere
Public Key - Click Here to discover your Public Key
Current Stats - STR:10 DEX:10 CON:10 INT:10 WIS:10 CHA:10
Intended Stats - STR:10 DEX:10 CON:10 INT:10 WIS:10 CHA:10
Reason -

Double-check the intended stats using the latest version of the Arelith Build Calculator. The input ability spread expected by -setstats can be found in the row right below the gift selection.

Highlight what is granting higher values than default by Racial Properties and Creation Gifts in brackets.

Example: STR: 22 (H-Orc +2, Gift of STR +2)

Feat Change

Character Name - Bob
Player Name - MrBobPlaysHere
Public Key - Click Here to discover your Public Key
Current Feats -
Intended Feats -
Reason -

Class Change

Character Name - Bob
Player Name - MrBobPlaysHere 
Public Key - Click Here to discover your Public Key
Current Class -
Intended Class -
Reason -

For Class Changes, it is imperative to include both IC and OOC reasoning for the changes to be made. This function is intended for the use of Characters following a Class overhaul that changes the dynamics of how your Character will now function, or for Characters whom have made a clear and undisputable mistake when building their Character.

We will not change a level 30 Barbarian to a level 30 Wizard because you are bored. The -remake_character feature exists for this. Only in exceptional circumstances with substantial RP support will we change a Class outside of the reasoning of a "Fix" and it will come with a total level reduction.