Aura Versus Alignment

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Aura Versus Alignment
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[The Astrolabe]
Spell Level(s): Cleric 8, Cleric(Good, Evil) 7, Favored Soul 8
Innate Level: 8
School: Abjuration
Descriptor(s): None
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Personal
Area of Effect / Target: Large (5 meters radius)
Duration: 1 round / level
Additional Counter Spells: None
Save(s): Harmless
Spell Resistance: No

Description: When this spell is cast, the caster chooses to be protected from either good or evil. The caster receives +6 will saves (+3 against neutrals) against creatures of the chosen alignment. The caster receives +4 Deflection AC, 5 + CL SR, and a damage shield of 6 + 1d8 damage against everyone. The holy aura damage shield deals divine damage, while the unholy aura damage shield deals negative energy damage. Damage shield spells (aka biteback) that cause damage to a melee attacker do not stack. The last spell cast overrides any other damage shield. All damage shield spells are moved to the top of the Breach List. One exception: these spells do stack with the damage shield of the Aura Versus Alignment spell. The protections also reduce the alignment divergence probability that summons of the chosen alignments will turn hostile.


  • Biteback spells, spells that cause damage to a melee attacker, do not stack. The last spell cast overrides the others.
  • All biteback spells (aka damage shields) are moved to the top of the Breach List.
  • Death Armor special scaling for Pale Master or Clerics(Death, Undeath): Death Armor scaling is uncapped and scales at +1 per CL instead of +1 per 2 CL for 32.5 average @ 30.
  • These spells do stack with the biteback damage of Aura Versus Alignment.
Biteback Spells Innate
Damage Type Average
@ 30
Death Armor 2 necro 1d4 + 1 per 2 levels (max +5) magic 7.5
Flame Shield 4 evo 1d6 + 1 per level fire 33.5
Frost Shield 4 evo 1d6 + 1 per level cold 33.5
Lightning Shield 5 evo 1d6 + 3 per 2 levels electrical 48.5
Mestil's Acid Sheath 5 conj 1d6 + 2 per level acid 63.5
Wounding Whispers 3 abj 1d6 + 1 per level sonic 33.5
Aura Versus Alignment 8 abj 1d6 + 8 holy or neg 11.5


  • None