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Feat Changes
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This page lists and explains Feats that work differently than in Vanilla NWN. Note that disabled feats are disabled only for PCs. Some NPCs that characters encounter on Arelith can still have them.

Disabled & Obsolete Feats

Devastating Critical: "In the judgement of the Dev Team it's unbalanced... You may not agree with the decision, but it's not going to change" -Mithreas

Epic Spell: Epic Warding: This Feat is not technically disabled on Arelith. However, since PCs on Arelith are capped at Lv30, it is impossible to meet the prerequisites of the Feat with a PC. Note that some Epic Feats which can be taken multiple times suffer similar inhibitions with their later "versions" (Self Concealment V, for example, is unobtainable within 30 Levels).

Modified Feats

General Feats: Some General Feats are class limited in Vanilla NWN. Examples include: Divine Might, Divine Shield, Terrifying Rage, Thundering Rage. Arelith customizations allow any General Feats that are bound to specific classes to be taken as General Feats on other class levels as long as the pre-requisites are met. Meaning, for example, you can take Barbarian Rages on non Barbarian class levels. This offers additional build flexibility. There are exceptions including item creation feats (Ex. Scribe Scroll), Weapon Specialization and likely others. Class specific bonus feats like Epic Shadowlord, which cannot be taken as general feats are not included in this customization.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to test any combination out on PGCC as there are likely other exceptions to the rule and a definitive list is not available to provide here.

Instant Attack:

Instant Attack Feats (Activated):

  • Instant attacks share a cooldown timer: Dirty Fighting, Divine Smite, Eldritch Blast, Eviscerate, Elemental Maelstrom, Elemental Strike, Misericorde, Whirlwind Attack
  • Using instant attacks lower attacks in the following round by 1. This is meant to offset the free attack gained by activating them.
  • Instant attacks are made to look and feel like regular melee attacks while actually being an entirely independent feature. Cannot trigger cleave and similar abilities for this reason.
  • Instant attacks mirror the animation delay of regular attacks via a short cooldown after casting a spell.
  • Parrying instant attacks works differently the normal parry mechanics because it is scripted and implemented differently. Parry cannot riposte instant attacks, but parrying the instant attack does not count against parries-per-round. Against a character that has 4 APR and additionally uses an instant attack every round (like a hasted Spellsword), parry builds can parry 4 of these 5 attacks per round and riposte three of them.
  • Most instant attacks (except Whirlwind Attack) ignore Weapon Master crit feats. Exception is elemental strike/maelstrom which only allows Ki Critical for Bladesingers (where the feat is built-in to the path) to enable their extra threat range.
  • If an attacker is running, their melee instant special attacks against PCs now roll at a disadvantage.
  • This disadvantage applies to both attack and threat rolls, causing the attacker to roll a d20 twice and proceed with the lower result. Replaces a prior 0.5 second movement speed penalty.
  • Epic Dodge does not cause Instant Attacks to automatically miss due to an engine limitation (Epic Dodge is hard coded to affect normal flurry attacks). It instead forces any Instant Attack to roll at disadvantage until it causes one to miss. Then it goes on cooldown for 6 seconds.
  • This means attacking a target that has Epic Dodge while moving will roll twice at disadvantage. Effectively rolling four times.

Arcane Defense: Abjuration: This Feat increases a spellcaster's effective Caster Level by +2 when trying to resist a dispel.

Ambidexterity: Dexterity prerequisite lowered to 13.

Automatic Still Spell: In addition to its Vanilla function, Auto Still Spell I reduces total Arcane Spell Failure by 5%. Auto Still Spell II reduces total ASF by 10% - Not cumulative. Unlike other ASF reduction sources, this one is not doubled for armor and shield slots, meaning you can get Autostill I and use a cloth and a buckler with 0% Penalty and Autostill II for a Padded Armor and a Buckler.

Bardic Knowledge: Any class that grants this feat will receive half of the lore bonus towards scroll usage.

Bard Song: See Bard Song.

Blinding Speed:

Type of feat: Epic General
Prerequisite: 21st level, dexterity 25+
Required for: None
Specifics: The character is able to activate an instant action extraordinary (not affected by antimagic) Haste-like effect on themselves. Casting times are not reduced by Blinding Speed, but Blinding Speed has all the other individual effects of Haste except for the casting effect: +1 APR (Attack per round), +50% Move Speed, and +4 Dodge AC. Activating this ability does not break stealth. If Haste is cast on someone with Blinding Speed, the Blinding Speed effect is cancelled and Haste is applied. Effect duration is 3 turns. Unlimited uses per day, but 8 turns of cooldown period between uses. The cooldown of Blinding Speed is reduced by 1 turn every 6 combined Assassin, Harper Scout, Invisible Blade, Rogue, Shadowdancer, Swashbuckler and Zhentarim Operative levels. Rogue levels are not required for this bonus to trigger.
Use: Selected (instantaneous)

Create Ammunition: Custom Feat. Once per day, may create a bundle of projectiles for the weapon they have the weapon focus feat in (bow, crossbow, sling, thrown weapons) by equipping the weapon and using the ability while the weapon is equipped. Craft Ammunition ability also scales with character levels.

For missile (Bow, Crossbow, Sling):
Level 1-5: Bronze
Level 6-10: Iron (+1 Damage)
Level 11-15: Steel (+2 Damage)
Level 16-20: Masterly Steel (+3 Damage)
Level 21-25: Damask (+4 Damage)
Level 26-30: Masterly Damask (+5 Damage)
For Throwing (Dart (& Throwing Dagger), Throwing Axe, Shuriken):
Level 1-5: Bronze
Level 6-10: Iron (+1 AB, +1 Damage)
Level 11-15: Steel (+2 AB, +2 Damage)
Level 16-20: Masterly Steel (+2 AB, +3 Damage)
Level 21-25: Damask (+3 AB, +4 Damage)
Level 26-30: Masterly Damask (+3 AB, +6 Damage)
NOTE: Commoners are eligible for this feat with an applicable Weapon Focus Group but can only create Bronze Ammunition.

Dragonshape: Removed and replaced with the Plantshape alternative. More in the Druid article.

Defensive Casting: Defensive casting and other combat modes like Expertise/Improved Expertise are not disabled when your character moves.

Dirty Fighting:

Type of feat: General, Rogue Class
Prerequisite: Base attack bonus +3, Dexterity 13+
Automatically granted by: Rogue 4
Required for: Vigilante
Specifics: The character knows brutal and effective fighting tactics, a set of active instant-use abilities that can target and damage an enemy. All Dirty Fighting techniques are done at -4 AB and have a 9-second cooldown. DC is 10 + Character Level / 3 + (Bluff, Sleight of Hand, Taunt, or Intimidate) / 6. Damage is 1d4 + Dex Mod, unarmed will use the fist and all of its bonus damage as damage. Debuff only works on mostly humanoids and animals. All are limited to melee range. May also be activated via console command -usefeat.

Techniques (usable by both melee and ranged wielders for as long as conditions apply):

Sand in the Eyes - blinds for 6 seconds, Reflex negates, can be used when having a free hand (Not dual-wielding or holding a shield with a weapon, twohand and ranged without shield can use this).
Pommel Strike - dazes for 3 seconds, Fortitude negates, can be used when wielding a melee weapon.
Low Blow - slows for 6 seconds, Will negates, can be used by all weapon styles.
Nosebreak - stuns for 3 seconds, Fortitude negates, can be used when holding a shield or wearing heavy armor.
Headbutt - confuses for 3 seconds, Will negates, can be used by all weapon styles.
Use: Selected

Disarm / Improved Disarm:

  • Regular Disarm AB Malus lowered from -6 to -4
  • Improved Disarm AB Malus lowered from -4 to -2
  • Disarm Size Modifier lowered from 4 to 2
  • Weapon is no longer lost instead it prevents access to the weapon for 6 seconds and during this time:
    • Lowers the AB of the disarmed target by 10 in each hand
    • Causes the disarmed target to do no damage unless they have Improved Unarmed Strike, in which case they do half damage.
    • The disarmed target cannot unequip or equip weapons while under the effect of disarm.

Divine Might:

  • All characters now have the damage granted by divine might multiplied by 1.5 when using a two-handed weapon, or using the -twohand mode. This does not include bows or crossbows.
  • Using this feat before the duration expires will refresh it.

Divine Shield:

  • Divine Shield does not stack with Monk wisdom Armor Class (AC). The higher of the two values applies.
  • If a character has Epic Dodge Armor Class (AC) bonus are halved
  • Using this feat before the duration expires will refresh it.

Divine Smite: Custom Feat merged Smite Good & Smite Evil and modified mechanically. See Divine Smite for more details.

Epic Damage Reduction: Prerequisite for this feat lowered from 21 Constitution to 19 Constitution.

Epic Skill Focus: Hide/Move Silently: Taking one grants the other for free.

Epic Skill Focus: Listen/Spot: Taking one grants the other for free.

Epic Skill Focus: Persuade: Renamed Epic Skill Focus: Leadership to match the Arelith specific custom Leadership Feat.

Epic Spells: See: Epic Spell Changes.

Expertise/Improved Expertise: Expertise/Improved Expertise mode is automatically disabled when a spell is cast. Casters using this feat will need to re-enable it after every casting, and will not benefit from the bonus AC during casting.

  • Expertise/Improved expertise and other combat modes (such as defensive casting) are not cancelled when you move.

Extra Music: Additionally reduces the bard song replenishment cooldown by 3 minutes.

Extra Turning: Renamed Improved Turning.

Hide in Plain Sight: Shadowdancers receive this feat at level 11. After leaving stealth mode, HIPS will have 30 second (5 rounds) of cooldown before it can be used again. Note that other ways of sneaking still work while the cooldown is in effect.

Hostilizer: Hostilizer is a Radial Menu tool that Sets relation between yourself and other PC(s) to hostile. Available to all base classes at level 1

  • Target a Creature: Set target Creature (PC) as hostile.
  • Target Self: Set all Creatures(PCs) within a Colossal sphere around you as hostile.
  • Target Location(Ground): Set all Creatures(PCs) within Hudge sphere around selected location as hostile.

Improved Dweomercrafting: Custom Feat which adds one Tier of both Magic and Mundane Dweomercraft.

Improved Turning:

  • Extra Turning feat now renamed Improved Turning
  • Adds a 1d6 to turning rolls as well as 1d6 to maximum HD allowed to turn on top of 6 extra turns per rest.
  • Halves the Turn Undead replenishment cooldown

Improved Two-Weapon Fighting: Characters who take this feat gain +1 AB while dual wielding.

Note: Any build with 9+ Ranger levels will NOT gain the benefit of this feat however it is possible to take this Feat prior to having 9 Ranger levels. Upon attaining the 9th Ranger level it becomes a wasted feat.

Improved Whirlwind Attack: now an instant action. See Whirlwind Attack.

Knockdown / Improved Knockdown: When you are successfully knocked down by the Knockdown, or Improved Knockdown feats you are immune to getting knocked down again for 12 seconds. If a character is hit with Knockdown or Improved Knockdown while currently immune to knockdown then the character is subject to a 50% speed reduction for 1 round save to prevent (Discipline vs. AB). Freedom does not block this speed reduction.

Lay on Hands: No longer has uses per day. Instead, it uses a 10 minutes cooldown period before being used again.

Monkey Grip:

  • Prerequisite: BAB +3, Strength 13+
  • A character with this feat is considered one size larger when it comes to wielding weapons and can do the following:
  • Equip a weapon that is one size larger than the wielder with a shield at a -2 AB penalty
  • Dual-wield two weapons of the same-size as the wielder with only the same dual-wield penalty as dual-wielding a weapon of the same-size as the wielder and a light weapon
  • Equip a ranged weapon that is two sizes larger than the wielder
  • Small-sized characters can equip Tower Shields at a -1 AC penalty (Can't do both 2H and Tower Shield for Small)
  • Tiny-sized characters can equip Large Shields at a -1 AC penalty (Can't do both 2H and Large Shield for Tiny)
  • A penalty to physical damage is applied which is equal to half your STR mod rounded down. This is done to negate the two-handed bonus which is still applied when single handing a 2H weapon.
  • The reduction uses a calculation that scales with character level. For every 5 levels it assumes +1 additional soft STR modifier for every 5 levels. This means at level 30 it is assumed a character (with +14 str mod) is at their maximum STR modifier, resulting in a max of a -7 penalty.
Note: See Template:Dual-Wielding for a breakdown of all dual wielding bonuses.

Mounted Archery: No longer gives +2 ab, instead removes Areliths -8 ab penalty for moving while using ranged weapons. This means you can kite enemies with WASD while on horseback without penalty. Longbow and Heavy crossbows still receive their added -8 penalty (-16 without mounted archery). Arelith also uses a very customized Riding system.

Mounted Combat: Adds a +1 AB to melee combat, the default AC bonus has been removed. Removes the 10% Arcane spell failure caused by riding a non arcane steed. Arelith also uses a very customized Riding system.

Planar Turning: Prerequisite lowered from 25 Wisdom and Charisma to 19 Wisdom and Charisma.

Quicken Spell: Occupies a spell slot one level higher than normal. The feat prerequisite was adjusted accordingly.

Quivering Palm: Has unlimited uses per day but a 5 minute cooldown.

Skill Focus: The skill bonus granted by regular skill foci has been increased from +3 to +5.

Skill Focus: Hide/Move Silently: Taking one grants the other for free.

Skill Focus: Listen/Spot: Taking one grants the other for free.

Skill Focus: Perform: Additionally reduces the bard song replenishment cooldown by 3 minutes.

Skill Focus: Persuade: Renamed Skill Focus: Leadership to match the Arelith specific custom Leadership Feat.

Smite Evil: Renamed Divine Smite and merged with Smite Good

Smite Good: Renamed Divine Smite and merged with Smite Evil

Sprint: A free active feat for all characters, allowing the character to sprint for a short duration based on their hard physical modifiers:

  • Bonus Movement Speed of 105% + 5% for each Hard Strength Mod and Hard Dexterity Mod, minimum of 105% even with negative Physical modifiers
  • Duration is increased by 1 for every 3 medium or high BAB class levels your character has (max 10).

Complete Duration Formula

  • Hard CON modifier (min 1) + 1/3rd of total medium and high BAB class levels + 5 if riding a horse.
  • Cooldown is 3 turns (30 rounds). Cooldown starts when Sprint begins.


  • 25 Fighter / 5 Weapon Master with 16 CON: 10 + 3 = 13 rounds instead of 3.
  • 27 Sorcerer / 3 Paladin with 16 CON: 1 + 3 = 4 rounds instead of 3.
  • 30 Commoner with 10 CON riding a horse: 0 + 1 + 5 = 6 rounds.
  • 30 Plantshape Druid with 40 CON: 10 + 15 = 25 rounds instead of 15.

Summon Shadow: Shadowdancer’s Shadow now has a minimum duration of 24 IG hours.

Trackless Step:

Type of feat: Druid Class, Harper Scout Class, Ranger Class, Zhentarim Operative Class, Wild Elf Racial
Automatically granted by: Druid 3, Harper Scout 5, Ranger 1, Zhentarim Operative 5, Wild Elf
Required for: None
Specifics: Adds 10 to the DC check for a spotter to find details when Investigating Tracks.
Use: Automatic

Turn Undead: This feat has been extensively customized on Arelith. Read more here.

Weapon Finesse: The list of weapons which can be finessed has been customised extensively. A sortable list is can be found in the Weapon Grouping Summary Chart. Additionally, the Melee Weapons page identifies them on a per weapons basis.

  • Free level 1 feat for all classes with medium (3/4) and high BAB.
  • Existing characters retroactively, as follows:
  • If you started as Swashbuckler, nothing will happen since you already received the feat at level 1.
  • If you don't have Weapon Finesse, no relevel is required. You will simply acquire the feat if one of your classes now grants it.
  • If you do have Weapon Finesse, a relevel will be required to ensure your feat progression remains valid.
  • If you selected the feat at level 1, your character will also receive a general feat token. This token can be used to acquire a new general feat via the -generalfeat command.
  • Works for all melee touch spells. Caster uses the higher of their STR or DEX mod. Per update thread reference.

Weapon Proficiency (Assassin): Custom weapon proficiency allowing use of Kama, Katar, Sai.

Weapon Proficiency (Aquatic Elf): Custom weapon proficiency allowing use of Spear, Trident, Short Bow, Long Bow.

Weapon Proficiency (Cavalier): Custom weapon proficiency allowing use of Bastard Sword, Cavalry Axe, Cavalry Hammer, Cavalry Sword, Heavy Flail, Katana, Lance, Light Mace, Light Flail, Morningstar, Naginata, Nodachi, Pike, Scythe, Spear, Wakizashi, and Warmace.

Weapon Proficiency (Hammer): Custom weapon proficiency allowing use of Cavalry Hammer, Light Hammer, Maul and Warhammer.

Weapon Proficiency (Monk): Also includes Katars, Naginata, Nodachi, Sai and Wakizashi.

Weapon Proficiency (Primitive): Custom weapon proficiency allowing use of Club, Dart, Dire Maca, Great Club, Maca, Short Bow, Sling, and Spear.

Whirlwind Attack: Is now an Instant Attack. Disabled while mounted, in parry mode, or while under any impairing effect such as Stun, Daze, Hold, Confusion, Knockdown, Blindness (not Darkness) and etc.

Magic Crafting Feats

Scribe Scroll

Certain Spells require an additional component to be scribed, which is consumed along with the Blank Scroll from your inventory. What components are needed for which spells is considered Find Out In Game information. Spells requiring a component are:
  • Firestorm
  • Greater Restoration
  • Harm
  • Storm of Vengeance
  • Time Stop
  • True Seeing
Some scrolls, such as Greater Sanctuary and Holy Sword, are purposefully impossible to scribe.
Raise Dead and Resurrection scrolls cost 10.000 and 20.000 gold pieces to scribe, respectively.
The XP/Gold cost of most spell-craft feats has been lowered. Scribe Scroll specifically uses:
  • GP: caster level of the scroll × innate level × 18.75 (then rounded down)
  • XP: caster level of the scroll × innate level
Scribing scrolls will return the experience lost in Adventure XP.

Epic casters can now craft on bulk with scrolls. Cost is multiplied by the amount to be crafted. Will only craft up to the number below or the amount in a stack of scrolls, whichever is smaller.

Inverse amount by Innate Level, so:

  • 9th Innate -> 1 scroll
  • 8th Innate -> 2 scrolls
  • 7th Innate -> 3 scrolls
  • 6th Innate -> 4 scrolls
  • 5th Innate -> 5 scrolls
  • 4th Innate -> 6 scrolls
  • 3rd Innate -> 7 scrolls
  • 2nd Innate -> 8 scrolls
  • 1st Innate -> 9 scrolls
  • 0th Innate -> 10 scrolls

Brew Potion

On Arelith, almost all spells from Level 0 up to Innate Level 3 with a range that includes “self” are "potionable", even spells that are normally not potionable in the default Neverwinter Nights, like True Strike, Expeditious Retreat, Camouflage, Entropic Shield and so on.
Note the Bug with Cleric Domain Spells and Item Creation Feats listed below
The XP/Gold cost of most spell-craft feats has been lowered. Brew Potion specifically uses:
  • GP: caster level of the potion × innate level × 15
  • XP: caster level of the potion × innate level × 2
Brewing potions will return the experience lost in Adventure XP.
Characters with Brew Potion feat can now convert stacks of magical potion bottles, rather than needing to do so one at a time. Casting on a stack will convert up to ten empty magical bottles into finished product. XP and Gold costs will be multiplied accordingly.
Characters with the Brew Potion feat will now create additional potions (half of the base amount) when doing so through crafting recipes and a work table.
  • Crafting Potion of cure moderate wounds with Brew Potion feat will result in making 12 potions, for the same cost as 8.

Craft Wand

On Arelith, almost all spells from Innate Level 0 up to Innate Level 4 are "wandable", even spells that are normally not wandable in the default Neverwinter Nights, like True Strike, Expeditious Retreat, Camouflage, Entropic Shield and so on.
Some spells may not be wanded, such as Divine Power and Invisibility Purge, and this exception is intentional.
Note the Bug with Cleric Domain Spells and Item Creation Feats listed below
The XP/Gold cost of most spell-craft feats has been lowered. Craft Wand specifically uses:
  • GP: caster level of the wand × innate level × 132
  • XP: caster level of the wand × innate level × 8
Crafting wands will return the experience lost in Adventure XP.
Characters with classes that add to Caster Levels will now see this bonus applied to increased wand charges
Craft Wand gives the following charges: 1d20+ (CL - 20 (minimum 0)) + 20

Spell Focus Feats


Sorcerers, Spellswords and Wizards receive an additional effect with every Greater Spell Focus:.

The Greater Spell Foci of every school that they take, additionally to the normal effects that they grant, will unlock a spell which the sorcerer, spellsword or wizard may cast freely and without limit as a special ability, that works identically as a spell casted from their spellbooks. Cannot be targeted at fixtures.
To cast the spells, look for them in your radial menu of abilities. The subclasses and paths also benefit from this effect.
These spells are lost if they are interrupted, but they can be refreshed by casting another infispell.

Spell Focus: Abjuration

  • Epic Spell Focus: The -ward and -ward teleport Commands become available. The character may use one or the other of these, once per rest. -ward creates a large visible symbol on the floor, which lasts for a long time and inflicts brief paralysis on enemies who fail a Will Save upon passing over it. -ward teleport, while it lasts, prevents any PC from teleporting out of the area in question through any means, and prevents them from being -yoinked elsewhere whilst the remain in the area. It also prevents travel to any portals within the area.
  • Affected Spell List:
Note: Abjuration Specialist Wizards receive a +1 high Foci Tier equivalent and gain 16/- with Epic Spell Focus

Spell Focus: Conjuration

Spell Focus: Divination

  • Spell Focus: Allows a character see whether a character is "attuned" to Life, Death, Fire, Water, Earth, or Air along the usual information of the Right Click->Examine. Through trial and error association, a player may learn much about another character's habits and abilities from their attunement.
  • Greater Spell Focus: Increases information gained when using -investigate, Detect Evil, and other things. Also allows a character to use the mysterious Deck of Stars item.
  • Epic Spell Focus: Grants the -scry command. Once per rest restricted by a 10 minute cooldown the character may send -scry as a tell to another PC (or type -scry [START OF TARGET'S NAME]). This permits the character to spy on their target for roughly 2 minutes. It is possible to protect against this, but means of doing so are considered Find Out In Game information. Also, characters with the ESF will receive a feedback if somebody is trying to scry them. Additionally, epic diviners can recognize projected illusions when examining, if their caster level is above that of the illusionist.
    • Characters that are scrying cannot be reached by any (speedy/goblin/wisp/etc) messengers or images.
    • Note: It is a rule that your character must know the name of the character you are intending to scry. Players may mutually agree to waive it, such as a potential "-scry victim" giving permission to use their hair/blood/so on to -scry them without their name, but without this mutual agreement you must have the name.
  • Affected Spell List:
    • True Seeing: Each Spell Foci in Divination also increases the duration of the True Sight effect of the True Seeing spell by 1, 1 and 2 rounds to a total of max of five rounds.

Spell Focus: Enchantment

  • Every Spell Focus feat grants a +2 passive, soft bonus to Leadership, Perform and Bluff.
  • Greater Spell Focus: Allows a character to automatically succeed in some social interactions with NPCs, when that NPC is charmed or dominated. Non-hostile NPC's should not be dominated/controlled without a DM present. Charming them is allowed.
  • Affected Spell List:

Spell Focus: Evocation

Spell Focus: Illusion

  • Greater Spell Focus: Enables the -project_image command (This ability has a minimum level requirement of 21.). Once per rest (or every 10 minutes), the character may send -project_image as a tell to another PC or type -project_image [Character Name], after that the game will ask you to input your message, and the next sentence that you write will be hooked as your message. This excludes Spellswords, they are not able to send messages.
    • Your character's avatar, with the appropriate -conjure or -cast visual, disguise (if any), and/or polymorph state, will appear like a Speedy Messenger beside the target and relate your message. If you are targeting a PC on a different server, they will instead see only a "Mysterious Ball of Light".
  • Epic Spell Focus: Enables you to make a copy of yourself (or someone else) with the look of the target's current gear and the caster's current stats through the epic ability in your radial menu. The copy will last 24 hours or until you rest. On top of this, you can speak through the copy using the -a command. The copy can be manoeuvred and the stealth and detect mode toggled using the Associate Tool and the radial menu.
    • Keen Senses feat is removed from the clone if the caster has the feat.
    • The copy cannot deal any damage
    • It will pass through creatures
  • Affected Spell List:

Spell Focus: Necromancy

Spell Focus: Transmutation

  • Greater Spell Focus:
    • Allows a character, by travelling to the correct place (the locations of which are In Game information), to activate Golems from their constituent parts and bind them to a control stone so long as the character is Level 15 or over.
    • Enables the -teleport command to be used if the character is at least level 21. This allows the character to open the same dialogue from a portal anywhere and travel to any known portal node. Usable once per 10 RL minutes (refreshes on rest), as long as the transmuter is not in a no-portal area, like the ones created by the epic abjurer.
Note: You can use this ability to provide the portal dialogue to another target by sending them a -teleport using tell (ingame messaging).
  • Epic Spell Focus: Enables the -teleport create command to be used. This creates a short-lived one-way portal node that everybody can use to portal out.
  • Affected Spell List:
    • Animal/Zoo Spells (Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Eagle's Splendor, Fox's Cunning, Owl's Wisdom):
      • Greater Spell Focus: "Animal/Zoo" spells grant an additional +1 (1d4+2) to the stat.
      • Epic Spell Focus: The bonus granted to "Animal/Zoo" spells increases to a +2 (1d4+3).
    • Aura of Vitality:
      • Greater Spell Focus: Duration increased from 1 round/level to 3 rounds/level.
      • Epic Spell Focus: Duration increased to turns/level.
    • Inferno:
      • Greater Spell Focus: Damage changed to 3d6.
      • Epic Spell Focus: Damage changed to 4d6.
    • Nature's Balance:
      • Greater Spell Focus: Area of effect of the Breach component increased. Will now breach 3 effects instead of 2.
      • Epic Spell Focus: Area of effect Breach component increased further.

Cleric Domains

Cleric Domains have been customized on Arelith, more information can be found on the Cleric page and on the Domains page.

Weapon Focus Feats

Arelith has added Weapon Groups across all the specific weapon feats except the Weapon Master: Weapon of Choice Feat. This allows the character to apply the various Weapon Focus Feats across groups of weapons as shown in the Weapon Grouping Summary Chart.

Associate Tool

The Associate Tool is a gimmick free feat that will appear in your list of feats whenever you summon any "commandable" creature. These creatures include henchmen, familiars, spell summons, transmutation golems, animal companions, shadowdancer's shadow, but not lassoed NPCs.

The feat is active, and you have to use it and target it. You may target a single creature to control that specific creature or target yourself to select and control all your summons. Target again or switch to deselect.

When you are controlling a creature, you can use the feat and target where do you want it to move. If you target a party member, it'll follow that character. If you target a hostile creature, it'll attack that creature. If you target a door, it'll try to open it. If the door is locked and the creature has a high enough Open Lock bonus to unlock the door, it will do so. For any other object, it'll try to attack - this includes closed doors that it cannot pick the lock on and fixtures. Usually, a controlled creature will stand still unless commanded to attack, but due to the complex AI, it may still go and attack hostile targets within its sight by itself, sometimes.

This feat can be used to have your summons mine for you, as well.

When you lose all your commandable creatures, the feat will disappear again, but if you quickslot it, it will appear automatically back in the same quickslot where you placed it when you summon another creature.


Available to all base classes at level 1.

  • Hostilizer (Radial Menu, at a Class)
  • Set relation between yourself and other PC(s) to hostile.
  • Does not flag unseen targets.


Target a Creature: Set target Creature (PC) as hostile.
Target Self: Set all Creatures(PCs) within a Colossal sphere around you as hostile.
Target Location(Ground): Set all Creatures(PCs) within Hudge sphere around selected location as hostile.

Bugs Relating to Feats

Please Note: These bugs are either inherent to NWN, or in some other way a long-standing & chronic problem. Incidental or minor bugs should not be mentioned here.
  • Instant attack feats can 'consume' all attacks and leave the character standing idle if they are activated during the first flurry.
  • Circle Kick has not been modified. This feat is regularly regarded as bad and it is often advised to avoid it.