Undeath Domain

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A Cleric with Undeath Domain is endowed with insight into the profane forces of unlife.

Domain Special Abilities

Bonus Abilities

  • Soul Shackle: Undeath Domain Clerics can cast Raise Dead or Resurrection on a living target to apply a Soul Shackle to that target for the duration of 60 minutes. If the affected creature reaches -10 hitpoints during the effect, they fall to the ground unconscious instead of dying, and are raised or resurrected one round later with the Greater Sanctuary effect applied (Similiar to a God save).
  • Other creatures can only benefit from Soul Shackle once per rest. Note that this is the creature's rest, not the Cleric's.
  • The Cleric cannot use Soul Shackle on themselves.
  • This ability only works with other Player Characters; NOT with summons, companions, mobs or NPCs of any sort.

Activation Abilities

Spell Interactions

Domain Spell List