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[The Astrolabe]

You may cast spells upon a staff, if allowed, it goes in, you can use it 1/rest. If not, it won't go in. Using it has 2 phases, target and activation, target is just click target, activation is when the ball of light travels to target. If the spell is banned, target phase is replaced with emptying sequencer.

Applying Spells

When applying spells:

  • The Sequencer item MUST be equipped.
  • Hostile spells can now be stored.
  • No items can be used. (Scrolls, wands, etc.)
  • No feats can be used. (Yes, this includes epic spells.)
  • Metamagic doesn't get stored.

Banned Spells

If this list is updated the staff actually erases the sequenced spell if it is banned, letting you change to a new one.

Party & Self target only Spell list

  • Harm

When using the sequenced spells

  • Takes an action to use the Sequencer item, then half a round for the projectile.
  • When activated, and before casting, the Sequencer will put you in targeting mode, this will let you select others in the case of hostile or target requiring spells for twelve (12) seconds.
  • It will announce you are using the item and that it was a sequencer side by side.
  • Once used, a Timer of ten (10) minutes will start, this works as per other time locked abilities where you cannot use any other Sequencer for this time.
  • Self target only spells cannot target inventory, but it is possible to hotbar equip weapons after the sequencer has been activated
  • Blackstaff sequencer demonstration:


The Spells & How they act

  • Feats should count for the spell casting as per normal
  • Wild Mage spells only work for wild mages.
  • DC Calculation should now use your primary caster class.
    • This will not change the Caster Level, only the DC for spells where relevant.
  • Caster levels
  • Spells are cast using your highest Caster level, subject to these restrictions:
  • If the sequencer spell is higher level than your spellbook's level, the CL is reduced by half.
  • For example, Paladin spellbook allows level 4 spells, and you use a Sequenced level 9 spell, it will now have its CL reduced by half.
  • If you cannot cast a spell of the Sequenced spells level due to your casting stat being too low, it will have its CL cut in half.
  • If you cannot cast or have no spellbook, you are treated as mundane and will have a CL of 10.
  • Exceptions to the above are:
  • Warlock: They count as having +1 spellbook levels available.
  • Bard: They count as having +3 spellbook levels available.
  • Warlock Deceive Item: +2 levels.
  • Example:
  • Bard 20 has 6 spellbook levels, but is treated as if it had 9 for the purpose of caster level calculation and so will get full CL for 0 through 9 innate level spells.
  • Counts the bonuses to caster level for:
  • Palemaster
  • Arcane Archer
  • Zhentarim
  • Harper
  • And any others that are meant to.
  • Example:
  • 10 Wizard/16 Palemaster/4 Monk, comes out as 10 + (16/2) + 0 = 18 CL.

Examining items with filled Sequencers:

  • They will now display text as follows: "This object has an empowered sequencer matrix, it contains the spell: [Spell name]"

Removing sequenced spells:

  • Unless the item explicitly has a sequence emptier option, your choices are your own and final.
  • Simply put, for the above items you cannot clear the sequencer spell.

Runic Sequencers

Runic Sequencers are special Sequencers used specifically to buff Summons, Dominated Creatures, Animal Companions and Familiars, more on those can be found here.