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Lycanthropy is an infliction that could be obtained in-game. It is not possible to select it on character creation.


The wolves of the nights, the scavengers of the dark, the dangerous monsters howling to the moon. These ferocious beasts wander around Arelith to kill innocent travelers or spread their terrible infliction to a few lucky survivors. On Arelith, all adventurers and residents alike are vulnerable to this terrible disease.

Lycanthropy is generally considered a curse, and most who encounter such a fearsome creature will flee or fight depending on their courage. Only those followers of the Hunting God Malar might view this infection differently. Seeking to claim their God's "blessing" as a sign of devotion.

There are rumors of ways to protect oneself from the curse of Lycanthropy, and even hushed whispers of a cure scattered across the isles of Arelith. But who can trust such gossip in the face of fangs and claws.


The only indication of infection when encountering a PC or NPC werewolf is a yellow message in the combat log window with server message: "You have been wounded with a deep scratch" or similar.

Many characters (and players) will likely not be aware of their condition until the first full moon rises!

During a full moon, a character infected with Lycanthropy transforms into Werewolf. The transformation can also be triggered manually via the radial menu. This will change their appearance, using the normal totem rules, and give them regeneration.

However, there is a risk! When transformed they must pass a Will Save or lose all control over their actions, attacking anything in sight. This Will save check is repeating, with the DC increasing after each check.

When not berserk (failed Will save), a character can cancel the transformation with the radial menu, if they can pass a Will save to do so.

The full Moon is at 0 Hour at the end of a month on Arelith (days 25 into 26, 26 into 27, and 27 into 28).

  • Current date & time can be determined by using the command -date.

Roleplaying tips

Be aware that most civilized lands will hunt down werewolves.

Those infected with the curse generally show no physical characteristics until their first change under a full moon. After this, if not cured, the character may experience the following physical and mental changes:

  • Larger K-9 teeth as compared to others of their race.
  • Sudden adverse reaction to Silver.
  • The nature of the beast may express itself in normal/daily interactions.
For example: An increase in aggression, territorial of their home or city, protective of close friends (The Pack Mindset), barring of teeth, or even growling.
  • A taste for raw meat.
  • Enjoying the "Thrill of the Hunt"
  • It is possible for characters to not know about being a werewolf and realize it only after another informs them about their transformation. They may experience "blackouts" or loss of time, and try to seek an explanation for their memory loss.
Note: This would only apply if a character losses control while changed (Failed Will Save). If they pass the Will Save and regain control of the character, then one can safely assume their mind is clear and under control as well.
  • Characters may try to hide the curse in fear for their life and expelling. They may become pious, solitary and avoid people.