Shadow Plague

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Spell Level(s): Cleric(Darkness) 9, Sorcerer 8, Spellsword 8, Warlock 8, Wizard 8
Innate Level: 8
School: Conjuration
Descriptor(s): Darkness
Component(s): Verbal, Somatic
Range: Medium-Long (30 meters)
Area of Effect / Target: Large (5 meter radius)
Duration: 1 Round / level
Additional Counter Spells: None
Save(s): Reflex
Spell Resistance: No

Description: Conjure a cloud of shadow energy from the plane of shadow that deals 4d6 cold damage + 1d6 per 2 levels per round and blinds enemies as if the darkness spell. Lesser light spells are not able to disperse the darkness, unless a Sunburst or greater.


  • Under construction.
  • Persistent area spells do not stack with themselves. When the same spell is cast it will be replaced and refreshed.
  • Different area spells may be stacked.
  • Same spell by different caster stacks.
  • The same spell may be casted away from 50% of the center of the Area of Effect (AoE) radius, allowing a section where they can overlap, and hit twice.
  • Acid Fog, Wall of Fire, Incendiary Cloud and Cloudkill spells will ignore NPC and PC corpses, but still damage furniture/placables normally.
  • Table key:
    • CEoR: Checks made on (e)ntry, per (r)ound, or (b)oth.
    • SpR: Speed reduction.
AoE Spells
Acid Fog 6 b 75%
Blade Barrier 6 b
Cloud of Bewilderment 2 b
Cloudkill 5 b
Creeping Doom 7 b
Daltim's Fiery Tentacles 5 b
Evard's Black Tentacles 4 b
Entangle (spell) 1 e
Grease 1 b 50%[1]
Incendiary Cloud 8 b
Kyristan's Malevolent Tentacles 6 b
Mind Fog 5 e
Shadow Plague 8 b
Spike Growth 3 b
Stinking Cloud 3 b
Stonehold 6 b
Storm of Vengeance 9 b
Wall of Fire 4 b
Wall of Ice 4 b
Web 2 b
Vine Mine 5 b
  1. Movement speed reduction check on entry only.


  • None