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The Order of the Radiant Heart
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This page outlines the Order of the Radiant Heart System on Arelith

The Order of the Radiant Heart

The Order of the Radiant Heart was a fraternal organization, comprised of benevolent paladins and clerics that operated throughout Faerûn. The brave champions of this order devoted themselves to combating forces of evil, correcting injustice and maintaining peace and order in the Realms. While these devout men and women primarily venerated Torm, Tyr and Helm they held the faiths of many compassionate deities among their ranks.

The order was notable in that they honored not only distinguished service, but glorified those who had lived a long life in service of their god and the people of Faerûn.

“ The courage of one can change the destiny of many. ” — Motto of the Order of the Radiant Heart

The Order of the Radiant Heart and Arelith Roleplay

For characters who have roleplayed being a full member of the Order of the Radiant Heart: you can still do this. We do not prevent PCs from roleplaying membership in a canon paladin order, whether that order has a presence on Arelith or not. Similarly, we do not mandate any particular response or acknowledgement from other PCs regarding this roleplay.

The change is what is mechanically supported in-game, which is membership in an Arelith-specific Auxiliary created by the Radiant Heart to address the dire threats and manifested evil present in the archipelago.

Arelith Customisations & Mechanics

On Arelith, the Order of the Radiant Heart reside in a Guildhouse near the Nexus. The Radiant Heart has been customized with Arelith Specific adjustments to the lore and the underlying mechanics of the organization. The major changes are outlined below:

The Auxilliary

The Radiant Heart is recruiting for an Arelith-specific Auxiliary. For further details on this special organization and its mission, speak to the updated NPCs in the Radiant Heart.

  • Recruitment is open to the following, so long as the character is Lawful Good or Neutral Good:
  • Recruitment is open to the following, so long as the character is NOT Chaotic and NOT Evil:

Ranking System

  • There are five ranks:
  • Junior Squire
  • Squire
  • Senior Squire
  • Companion at Arms
  • Standard Bearer

The Auxiliary's membership is recorded in Signet Rings, which will both display their rank and store information on active Order quests. A Radiant Heart Auxiliary member can only be identified through a bio message when they are wearing the signet ring. To disguise oneself or conceal membership in the Auxiliary, simply remove the ring. Ring-wearers can identify each other without checks, non-members will have to pass a rudimentary Lore check to recognize the Radiant Heart symbol. This ring is upgraded every time the character is promoted, similar to the Assassin Quest System.

  • NOTE: Warlocks and Palemasters cannot join even if they are lawful neutral nobles and meet all other requirements.

Quest System

There is a quest system for the Radiant Heart, operating in a manner similar to Sencliff's Pirates. These special quests are offered once a day, are one-time only, and have no max level limit on when they can be finished. Finishing these quests progresses a PC up the Radiant Heart Auxiliary's ranks.

Auxiliary Services

Various services now open up in the Radiant Heart guildhouse for members of the Auxiliary, depending on their rank. One of these is upgrades to the signet ring. Additionally, Mikaelos will offer illusory message and intelligence services to members of a certain rank.

Radiant Heart Signet Ring

When an applicant is accepted into the Radiant Heart Auxiliary as a Squire, they receive the Radiant Heart Signet Ring. The ring has the following Stats:

Rank 1 (Squire):

+2 Discipline

By speaking with the Runesmith, an Auxiliary member will be able to choose to add a new item property to their ring each time they are promoted, up to four upgrades for four promotions.

Upgrade options

  • Ability Runes
NOTE: A maximum of 3 Abilities is allowed
  • Dexterity Rune: +1 Dexterity
  • Strength Rune: +1 Strength
  • Constitution Rune: +1 Constitution
  • Wisdom Rune: +1 Wisdom
  • Intelligence Rune: +1 Intelligence
  • Charisma Rune: +1 Charisma
  • Skill Runes
  • Detection Rune: +2 Listen and Spot
  • Concealment Rune: +2 Hide and Move Silently
  • Magecraft Rune: +2 Concentration and Spell Craft
  • Protective Runes
  • +1 Universal Saves
  • 1/day lesser planar binding