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What is it?

The Pretty Good Character Creator (PGCC) serves as a testing ground for Arelith content so that players can develop and experiment outside of the real game world without impacting themselves negatively inside. It also provides people the opportunity to test new features, classes, etc as they are released in a safe environment.

Where is it?

Can be located on the Master Server List as Arelith - PGCC or direct connected via (

What services are offered?

The PGCC currently contains a simplified leveling system, more user-friendly enchanting (up to hard 5%), most items from the server (to be expanded to a full collection as new content is added), arenas to test builds against generic spawns (with the eventual expansion to Arelith spawns) and against other players. In future iterations, the PGCC will contain arena style games (Capture the Flag (CTF), King of the Hill (KoH), etc).

What can you do?

Players have the freedom to test all races, classes and rewards freely on the PGCC. All that you need to do is create a character and use the -setup command in-game to specify which level you want to go to. As well as -shop to open the merchant stores.

How to move an existing character from Live to PGCC?

If you wish to test build your on-going character from the live servers, the PGCC offers the ability to move your character from the live servers to that vault. A player must type -transfer in-game for this to take place. You will get confirmation that this has been performed and should see the character in your respective PGCC vault. If you receive an error message, please let Spyre know as it could be a mount issue.

How is server maintenance managed?

Characters are automatically deleted from the PGCC on a schedule to keep the overall vault size low. The schedule runs at midnight on the 1st of every month and will prune characters that have not been accessed in the past 14 days. Anything older than 14 days will be deleted and is unrecoverable.