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Golems are craftable creatures that follows their master orders.

Mechanically, they are henchmen allowing them to have a creature summoned by other means by a character.

Crafting process

The following clues are public information:

The process, or additional items or requirements, to create golems is a FOIG method.

Handling a golem

Summoning / Recall

A minimum level of 11 is required to summon a golem.

The golem control stone can be used to summon/recall the golem and will give feedback on the following disallowed action states:

  • Activating a control stone for recall while the player is in combat.
  • Activating a control stone for recall while the golem is in combat.
  • Recall while the golem is below 100% Health

Removing a golem from the party will try and return it to the Control stone, if it cannot do this for the above disallowed actions it will return them to the party again.

Name and description

The golem control stone item name an description will be applied to the summoned golem.


When a golem takes enough damage to be destroyed, a 0% progress golem heart and a golem body will be in their remains. Any other items used in their creation will be lost forever.


Their stats can be found here.