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A forum account is used to be able to post on the forums and engage in discussion or share with the wider Arelith Community. It also allows you to post Bug Reports, to submit Support tickets or when you need to Contact DMs.

Forum Account Creation

Arelith uses a unique method to create forum accounts to both make sure those who post on the forums are part of our community and to help cut down on spambots. The creation process is done within the game itself, on Arelith's servers.

  • First, login to Arelith servers on any character you have.
  • You Forum username will be your player name (also called your login name), which can be changed ingame by opening the escape menu settings and looking under the multiplayer tab. You will then need to relog for the new username to take effect.
  • To make the account, you use the chat box command -forum_pwd followed by the password you want.
 -forum_pwd password123
  • You should get a confirmation message. After that, head over to the forums and login.

If you forget your password, login to the game servers with the player name of your forum account and use the -forum_pwd command again with your new password to reset it. Otherwise, please contact the Active Admins and one will be able to assist: