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Domains represent the fields of interest for deities. Each cleric chooses two of these domains when the first clerical level is taken.

Note: Arelith has significant customizations to Spells and Spell Focus Feats impacting certain spells. Links to the NWNWiki are provided below for the domain spells but those links do not reference any Arelith customizations that may be in play. You should review Spells and Spell Focus Feats to fully understand how the below linked spells may function differently on Arelith.

Changing Domains

Players can change domains via "-domain" chat command or Rest Menu -> 3. Character -> 9. Domains if they satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Cleric levels present
  2. Is worshiping a deity
  3. Has Domain Change Token granted by DMs or Developers upon request or domain update

Domain Spells

Cleric Domain Special Domain Powers Spell Level
Bonus Abilities Activation Abilities Spell Interactions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Air - Elemental: Air Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elementals - Improved Gust of Wind
- Elemental Swarm summons Air Only
Deafening Clang Gust of Wind Stinking Cloud Wounding Whispers Energy Buffer Great Thunderclap Lightning Shield Elemental Swarm
Animal - Animal Language - Turn Creature: Undead, Aberrations, Animals, Beasts, Magical Beasts, Vermin - Improved Summon Creature I-IX Camouflage One With The Land Hold Animal True Seeing Quillfire Polymorph Self Aura of Vitality
Cold - Elemental: Water Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elementals Ice Dagger Frost Nova Wall of Ice Frost Shield Cone of Cold Ice Storm Freeze Burst of Glacial Wrath
Darkness - Immune to Darkness - Turn Creature: Undead Darkness Blindness / Deafness Death Armor Shadow Evocation Darkbolt Greater Shadow Evocation Mass Blindness / Deafness Shadow Plague
Death - Turn Creature: Undead - Empowered Inflicting
- Better Death Armor scaling
Inflict Moderate Wounds Death Armor Inflict Critical Wounds Finger of Agony Undeath to Death Circle of Death Finger of Death Undeath's Eternal Foe Wail of the Banshee
Destruction - Turn Creature: Undead, Constructs - Deafening Clang bonus magical Damage vs. Constructs Deafening Clang Combust Sound Lance Crumble Wounding Whispers Destruction Disintegrate Implosion Meteor Swarm
Earth - Elemental: Earth Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elementals - Elemental Swarm summons Earth Only
- Empowered Stoneskin/Greater Stoneskin
Spike Growth Stoneskin Stonehold Greater Stoneskin Earthquake Bombardment Elemental Swarm
Evil - Outsider: Demon OR Devil OR Yugoloth Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Outsiders Magic Circle Against Alignment Crushing Despair Lesser Planar Binding Planar Binding Blasphemy Aura versus Alignment Gate
Fire - Elemental: Fire Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elementals - Elemental Swarm summons Fire Only Burning Hands Scorching Ray Flame Lash Wall of Fire Flame Shield Firebrand Inferno Elemental Swarm Meteor Swarm
Forge - Weapon Proficiency (Hammer) - Turn Creature: Undead, Constructs - Deafening Clang bonus Magic damage vs. Constructs Deafening Clang Shelgarn's Persistent Blade Hammer of the Gods Stoneskin Flame Shield Mordenkainen's Sword Great Thunderclap Inferno Black Blade of Disaster
Good - Outsider: Celestial Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Outsiders Magic Circle Against Alignment Good Hope Lesser Planar Binding Planar Binding Word of Faith Aura Versus Alignment Gate
Healing - SoonTM - Turn Creature: Undead - Empowered Healing Healing Circle Monstrous Regeneration Heal Regeneration Mass Heal
Illusion - Turn Creature: Undead Color Spray Invisibility Displacement Phantasmal Killer Shadow Conjuration Improved Invisibility Greater Shadow Conjuration Scintillating Pattern Weird
Knowledge - Language Fluency - Turn Creature: Undead, Constructs Identify Clairaudience / Clairvoyance] True Seeing Feeblemind Power Word: Stun Premonition Power Word: Kill
Magic - Turn Creature: Undead Mage Armor Magic Missile Spell Resistance Lesser Spell Breach Isaac's Lesser Missile Storm Lesser Mind Blank Lesser Spell Mantle
Mind - Turn Creature: Undead Charm Person Tasha's Hideous Laughter Crushing Despair Confusion Mind Fog Lesser Mind Blank Mass Charm Dominate Monster Mass Hold Monster
Moon - Turn Creature: Undead, Shapechangers - Bless Weapon adds +2d6 magical vs Undead and Shapechangers Bless Weapon Ghostly Visage Moonbeam Displacement Confusion Lesser Mind Blank Ethereal Visage Premonition
Ooze - Elemental: Ooze Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elemental, Ooze - Elemental Swarm summons Ooze Only Grease Melf's Acid Arrow Poison Mestil's Acid Breath Evard's Black Tentacles Vitriolic Sphere Acid Fog Mestil's Acid Sheath Elemental Swarm
Plant - Animal Language - Turn Creature: Undead, Aberrations, Animals, Beasts, Magical Beasts, Vermin Entangle One With The Land Barkskin Monstrous Regeneration Vine Mine Regeneration Creeping Doom Nature's Balance
Protection - Turn Creature: Undead, Outsiders
- Divine Protection
- Immune Issac's Lesser Missile Storm (when Shield Spell Active)
- Empowered Lesser Spell Mantle
Shield Magic Vestment Minor Globe of Invulnerability Energy Buffer Lesser Mind Blank Greater Globe of Invulnerability Greater Stoneskin Lesser Spell Mantle
Storm - Elemental: Air Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elementals Gedlee's Electric Loop Call Lightning Lightning Bolt Ball Lightning Chain Lightning Lightning Shield Storm of Vengeance
Strength - Turn Creature: Undead
- Divine Strength
Empowered Bull's Strength Bull's Strength Balgarn's Iron Horn Divine Power Bigby's Interposing Hand Bigby's Forceful Hand Bigby's Grasping Hand
Suffering - SoonTM - Turn Creature: Undead Ray of Enfeeblement Bestow Curse Circle of Doom Finger of Agony Harm Enervation Eye Bite Evil Blight Horrid Wilting
Sun - Turn Creature: Undead, Aberrations - Bless Weapon adds +1d8 positive vs. Undead and +1d8 fire vs. All Bless Weapon Searing Light Good Hope Undeath to Death Flame Shield Sunbeam Sunburst
Travel - Movement Speed Bonus (Non-combat) - Turn Creature: Undead Expeditious Retreat Slow Freedom of Movement Haste Freedom of Movement Haste Maze
Trickery - Turn Creature: Undead
- Divine Trickery
Camouflage Invisibility Invisibility Sphere Displacement Improved Invisibility Confusion Sleep Mass Blindness / Deafness Otto's Irresistible Dance
Undeath - Undead: Vampire Stream
- Dragon: Dracolich Stream
- Turn Creature: Undead - Better Death Armor scaling
- Improved Summon Undead
Negative Energy Ray Death Armor Negative Energy Burst Infestation of Maggots Create Undead Kyristan's Malevolent Tentacles Create Greater Undead Avascular Mass Wail of the Banshee
Vermin - Animal Language - Turn Creature: Undead, Aberrations, Animals, Beasts, Magical Beasts, Vermin - Improved Summon Creature I-IX Web Poison Quillfire Infestation of Maggots Healing Sting Vampiric Touch Eyebite Creeping Doom
War - Weapon Proficiency (martial) - Turn Creature: Undead
- Battle Mastery
- Deafening Clang adds 1 extra sonic damage Deafening Clang Magic Vestment Divine Power Blade Barrier War Cry Aura of Vitality
Water - Elemental: Water Stream - Turn Creature: Undead, Elementals, Ooze - Elemental Swarm summons Water Only Grease Stinking Cloud Water Breathing Energy Buffer Frost Shield Drown Acid Fog Horrid Wilting Elemental Swarm