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A ship's dinghy

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Sailing is the process of using boats or ships to travel. Many such craft are available on Arelith to rent or own.

Click on the ship's sign on shore to purchase the ship and change settings.


Ships are purchased or rented by finding their sign on land. These signs remain stationary no matter where the ship is at. Clicking on the sign of a ship you own shows options similar to Quarters on land, such as changing name and allowing faction access and ownership.

To board a boat, click on the ship's dinghy. This presents the owner with the option to board individually or board a party. Dinghies are placed beside the ship's sign but come with the ship at sea. When docking at another port the dinghy will appear on land allowing the owner to board again.

On board the ship are several NPCs allowing the owner to control the ship. The Navigator character sets the course for the ship and allows the owner to take other actions at sea. He also provides information about ownership while away from the ship's sign. The Boatswain character can lower the skiff or dinghy to bring the owner and party to shore.

In addition, most boats and ships contain internal areas and a storage chest like Quarters on land.

Naval Combat

Ships traveling at sea will often come under attack by NPC monsters or pirates. Player ship owners can also be the ones to grapple and attack other player ships. The Navigator character gives these options to ship owners.

A variety of randomized destinations are also available to find at sea. Some of these contain treasure and resources and provide new foes and challenges. Choose the option "Scour the Seas" from the Navigator to sail toward a random destination like this.

Ship Variety

A great variety of ships are available for renting and owning on Arelith. Naval hotspots such as Crow's Nest and Sencliff have many ships with signs present for purchase.

There are also ships available for rent for one in-game day. The most common of these ships on the surface are the Penny Rose in Brogdenstein and the Harfnagar in Cordor's private ship docks.

Since these ships only stay owned for one in game day, it can be common to find the ship unowned but out at sea. This means the ship can be rented but no dinghy is present to allow boarding. In these cases you must wait for reset to return the ships to dock. For this reason it is considered courteous to be careful to return rented ships to their port of origin when done.

The Navigator allows owners to set the course, enter combat and other options.
The Boatswain brings characters to shore.