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A forging workstation

Crafting on Arelith:
Art Crafting
Dweomercraft - Runes
Resources - Poison
Armor - Weapons

Weapons are any item that causes physical damage when wielded by a creature. These range from melee and ranged weapons to projectiles and ammunition.

Most weapons can be created with Forging.

See Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons for stats and crafting recipes.

Level Requirement

Arelith uses its own system to determine the level necessary to equip most gear crafted through the crafting system.

Weapons crafted through forging have their own requirement, but otherwise, all weapons follow these exact price/requirement tiers:

  • 2000 GP = Level 1
  • 4000 GP = Level 4
  • 7000 GP = Level 7
  • 15000 GP = Level 10
  • 30000 GP = Level 13
  • Higher cost = Level 16
  • Increased UMD flagged items= Level 21

The cost of an item is determined the moment it is generated. Even if the item is enchanted, upgraded, essenced, or changes owner, the requirement will remain exactly the same.


Weapons can now be freely equipped without having the corresponding proficiency. However, if you equip a weapon which you normally wouldn't be able to hold, you:

  • Will receive a -4 AB penalty
  • Won't be able to use the special abilities of said weapon, such as integrated spells.

Drow may equip Whips without penalty, but they cannot invest in whip feats without having Exotic Proficiency first.

Weapon Changes

Bastard Sword can be toggled to one handed/two handed with the -twohand command. Bastard swords, however, don't receive the bonus below when they are two-handed using the command.

Club now benefits from Monk Unarmed BAB Progression.

Dwarven Waraxe can be used by Dwarves without taking the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat. Taking feats that affect the Battleaxe (Weapon focus, Improved critical, etc) will also be granted for the Dwarven Waraxe - this is done since characters without the Exotic feat cannot normally put feats into the dwarven waraxe. Dwarves can also -twohand this weapon.

Halberd damage changed from 1d10 to 1d12.

Greataxe damage changed from 1d10 to 3d4.

Heavy Flail damage changed from 1d10 to 3d6 and critical threat range changed from 19-20/x2 to x2.

Kama size changed from Small to Tiny.

Katana is affected by Weapon Finesse. Weight is reduced from 10 lbs to 6 lbs. It can now be used with the -twohand command.

Light Hammer size changed from Small to Tiny, critical threat range changed from x2 to x3.

Light Flail size changed from Medium to Small.

Quarterstaff is now a double-sided weapon, like the double-axe and the two-bladed sword. Like other double-sided weapons, its STR damage bonus is 1.0x for the main hand and 0.5 for the offhand attacks. It is affected by Weapon Finesse. It benefits from monk's UBAB progression, but it cannot be used with Flurry of Blows.

Shuriken benefits from the monk's UBAB progression.

Spear damage lowered from 1d8/x3 to 1d6/x3. Size changed from large to Medium, thus they can be wielded with a shield. Smaller characters, such as halfings and kobolds may use them as two-handed weapons.

Note that due to a bug, a spear with shield may not be quickslotted, nor they will display the correct values in the sheet. There's a file to fix this available at Google Drive, just download and install in the Override folder.

Throwing Axes work along with Arelith's Barbarian Rage.

Trident dice changed from 1d8/x2 to 1d10/x3. They are still large weapons, and thus they cannot be wielded with shield. Weapon Focus feat will work for tridents. (Note that this is due to a work around in NWNX but it is unknown if this is a soft (i.e. counts towards +20 cap) or hard (as per normal weapon focus))

Note that some modified weapons will not be displayed correctly in the character sheet (the information displayed will not affect the performance of the weapon), such as the spear and trident. The same Google Drive file as above includes the fix.

Two-Handed Use

If you classify to wield a weapon in one hand, you will not be able to use it as a two-handed even if you forego the use of a shield. The same way that the quarterstaff will always be considered a two-sided weapon, and will always attack as a two-sided weapon.

All double-sided and weapons held as two-handed by the character will grant an additional +2 AB.

Weapon visuals guide

With Essences:

  • Standard Weapons with enhancement bonuses such as a +1, +2, +3, will all show an essence's effect.
  • Visuals will show on a crafted weapon of Greensteel, Masterly Steel or Masterly Damask.
  • The only essences to grant visual effects are +4 and +1d6.
  • Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire and Sonic will all grant visual effects to these weapons.
  • Divine, Positive and Negative will not show any visual effects.
  • Gloves will never show any visual effects.

Note that when an essence is applied to a weapon, all previous elemental damage bonuses will be removed from that weapon (Acid, Cold, Divine, Electrical, Fire, Negative, Positive, and Sonic), regardless whether the bonus is original of the item or was added through essences or enchantment.

Weapon Visuals

Acid.gif Cold.gif Elec.gif Fire.gif Sonic.gif

Arrow Management and Essencing

To get improved ammunition, you can either find them or craft bundles that can be used with assemble templates.
Bundles of ammunition can be crafted or created via the Ranger 'Archer Path'
You use the bundles on the template to transfer the stored properties onto the ammunition.

  • Stable Slots will store Permanent Essences onto the Template.
  • Unstable slots will store Temporary Essences (10 uses) or certain spells (5 uses)

Assemble Templates

Name ID DC Craft
Value Materials Properties Reusability
Basic Template 1033 5 20 500 1 Softwood
1 Aventurine
1 Ingot (Tin)
1 Unstable Slot Permanent
Simple Template 1036 15 20 2000 1 Hardwood
1 Amethyst
1 Ingot (Tin)
1 Brass Gears
2 Glass Vials
1 Stable Slot
1 Unstable Slot
Standard Template 1039 25 50 10000 2 Hardwood
1 Fire Agate
1 Ingot (Silver)
2 Brass Gears
3 Glass Vials
3 Unstable Slots Consumable
Stable Template 1042 35 80 25000 2 Hardwood
1 Garnet
2 Brass Gears
3 Glass Vials
1 Small Seed Balm
2 Stable Slots
1 Unstable Slot
Complex Template 1067 45 160 20000 2 Hardwood
1 Diamond
1 Adaptive Gears
4 Glass Vials
4 Unstable Slots Consumable

Permanent Templates will not degrade, while Repairable ones can break if not maintained.
Consumable Templates are not repairable and will break after so many uses.

Spells for Unstable Slots

  • Darkfire: 1d6 Fire, 1d6 Negative (2d4 if cast below 20 CL)
  • Bless Weapon: 2d6 Divine vs Undead (Pre-20CL), vs Outsiders (Post-20CL), vs Dragon (UNKNOWN)
  • Flame Weapon: 1d8 Fire (@ 25 CL)
  • Holy Sword: 1d10 Divine vs Evil (@ 17 CL)
  • Blackstaff: 3 Magical (@ 25 CL)
  • Deafening Clang: 2 Sonic (@ 11 CL)
  • Greater Magic Weapon: 5 Slashing @ 30 CL (2 base + 1 per 10 CL)
  • Blade Thirst: 1d6 Negative, Vampiric +4 (@ 24 CL)
  • Keen Edge: 1d6 Slashing, Wounding DC-24 (@ 25 CL)

Damage of the same type do not stack. Even if they are for specific enemies.

-Ex: If the template has a Stable Slot with sonic damage, the unstable slot can't take Deafening Clang.


In Arelith, most weapons and armor are divided in two types - standard, that follow a strict style, and 'special', that have unique characteristics, greater power, as well as crafting requirements.

All standard weapons respect these rules:

Type Bonus Level Requirement
Bronze N/A
Iron Attack Bonus + 1 Level 1
Damage Bonus + 1
Masterly Iron Attack Bonus + 1 Level 4
Damage Bonus + 2
Steel Attack Bonus + 2 Level 7
Damage Bonus + 2
Masterly Steel Attack Bonus + 2 Level 10
Damage Bonus + 4
Greensteel Attack Bonus + 3 Level 13
Keen (green light)
Damask Attack Bonus + 3 Level 13
Damage Bonus + 3
Masterly Damask Attack Bonus + 3 Level 16
Damage Bonus + 6


See Melee Weapons and Ranged Weapons for stats and crafting recipes.

General Notes:

  • Most weapons share similar recipes.
  • Greensteel is divided in three size tiers; small (2 coal, 1 greensteel ingot), medium (4 coals, 2 ingots), large (6 coals, 3 ingots).
  • Very rarely, some recipe may require something more (Some spears need a quarterstaff for crafting).
  • All masterly damask recipes are identical.

Weapon Grouping Summary Chart

In Arelith weapon feats have been customized into groupings. This means when you select Weapon Focus 1H Blunt for example, the Weapon Focus Feat applied to all the weapons below flagged as 1H Blunt. In the case of weapons with 2 groupings, either weapon feat on either grouping will affect the weapon.

Weapon Size Damage Critical Damage Type 1H Concussion 1H Edged 2-Handed Polearm Missile Thrown
Light Flail S 1d8 x2 Bludgeon *
Warhammer M 1d8 x3 Bludgeon *
Light Mace S 1d6 x2 Bludgeon *
Club M 1d6 x2 Bludgeon *
Light Hammer T 1d4 x3 Bludgeon *
Morningstar M 1d8 x2 Bludgeon-Pierce *
Whip S 1d2 x2 Slash *
Light Pick T 1d4 x3 Pierce *
Heavy Pick M 1d8 x3 Pierce *
Short Sword S 1d6 19-20/x2 Pierce *
Long Sword M 1d8 19-20/x3 Slash *
Battle Axe M 1d8 x3 Slash *
Dagger T 1d4 19-20/x2 Pierce *
Hand Axe S 1d6 x3 Slash *
Kama T 1d6 x2 Slash *
Kukri T 1d4 18-20/x2 Slash *
Rapier M 1d6 18-20/x2 Pierce *
Scimitar M 1d6 18-20/x2 Slash *
Sickle S 1d6 x2 Slash *
Dwarven Waraxe M 1d10 x3 Slash *
Sai T 1d4 x2 Bludgeon *
Wakizashi S 1d6 19-20/x2 Slash *
Katana M 1d10 19-20/x2 Slash * *
Bastard Sword M 1d10 19-20/x2 Slash * *
Two-bladed Sword L 1d8/1d8 19-20/x2 Slash *
Greatsword L 2d6 19-20/x2 Slash *
Greataxe L 3d4 x3 Slash *
Dire Mace L 1d8/1d8 x2 Bludgeon *
Double Axe L 1d8/1d8 x3 Slash *
Falchion L 2d4 18-20/x2 Slash *
Heavy Flail L 3d6 x2 Bludgeon *
Heavy Mace L 1d10 x2 Bludgeon *
Maul L 2d6 x3 Bludgeon *
Quarterstaff L 1d6/1d6 x2 Bludgeon * *
Halberd L 1d12 x3 Pierce-Slash *
Scythe L 2d4 x4 Pierce-Slash *
Spear M 1d6 x3 Pierce *
Lance M(S) 1d8(1d6) x3 Pierce *
Trident L 1d10 x3 Pierce *
Naginata L 1d10 x3 Pierce-Slash *
Light Crossbow S 1d8 19-20/x2 Pierce *
Heavy Crossbow M 1d10 19-20/x2 Pierce *
Short Bow M 1d6 x3 Pierce *
Long Bow L 1d8 x3 Pierce *
Sling S 1d4 x2 Bludgeon * *
Dart S 1d4 x2 Pierce *
Throwing Axe S 1d8 x2 Slash *
Shuriken T 1d3 x2 Pierce *