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Character Remake
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Quick Summary

When remaking your character, you have three options.

  • Fresh Start: Remake with a slightly different name. No transfer of items, gold or properties is allowed. This is just like creating a new character, except that the memory of the old one is retained.
  • Remake with same name AFTER you use the -remake_character command OR the -delete_character (below level 16 only). Again, you will not retain items, gold, crafting points, shops, quarters, etc. See below for an extended explanation.
  • Ask a DM to delevel you to any level you want. Those levels will not be refunded. In this case, you keep all items and properties you may own. You also keep your allocated crafting points, however you may also request a separate craft point delevel allowing the option to remove up to two points per level lost through the trade skill menu. You will not earn any new crafting points until after you reach your old level.

Longer Explanations


You can ask a DM for assistance with deleveling, but you will be not getting the removed EXP back. If you lose XP all the way to level 1, be sure to gain enough XP for level 2 before logging as it may result in a loss of inventory.

Note: Crafting points are not included in a DM delevel, if you also wish to reallocate your Crafting points, you will need to ask the DM to delevel this as well.

Rules and etiquette

Muling is not permitted in any form. If you delevel, rebuild, delete and remake your character, you may not take back any item, property or gold that was once yours.

Note: Adding a clarification on Property: This does not mean you can never re-own a particular property, merely that it cannot be held in trust for you by another character.
DM Titania (14 Nov 2020): Yeah it's no transfer, so: Can't give it to someone else and then ask for it back/purchase it, etc. But if you bought an inn room in 2018, and then it's open in 2020, you can buy it.

In the case that you just delevel to change your build, the "no cheese" rule applies. Some good examples of rebuilding:

  • Switching most feats - weapon feats, metamagic, school feats.
  • Switching skill ranks.
  • Switching/adding/removing a multiclass.

But the following examples could be considered exploiting:

  • Rebuilding to pick up a crafting feat, overuse it, and switch back.
  • Taking a class with a language you are not supposed to have.
  • Taking a class/skill ranks in order to get to somewhere, and then switch back.
  • Taking a class to craft something you couldn't before.
Simply ask yourself "is this gaming the system?". In case of doubt, ask your friendly neighborhood DMs for clarification. For most cases and intent, if you are going to switch to a class in order to get into somewhere you couldn't before, you are expected to stick with that class for a long while and have good RP reasons to have taken that class to begin with, and not relevel once a week to switch your skill dump allocation to be a parry master one day, and then a disguise master the next, and then a master beast tamer, and so on.

Remake with same name

Due to a bug in Neverwinter Nights, the game remembers certain things about your character even after deletion, and applies that memory to a new character with the same name, even if it is not exactly the same character. Here is the recommended remake process.

  • Issue the -remake_character command OR the -delete_character (below level 16 only) to delete your existing character.
  • Important: Wait until the next time there is a server reset. There is usually one every 24 hours, and you can check to track server uptime.
  • Create the new character.

Step 2 is very important, because the server must first "forget" about your old character. Failing to do so will result in the following:

  • When you first log in, you will see your full bank account, and have access to any quarters, shops, citizenships etc. that your old character had.
  • After the next server restart, or when you change server, you will lose all of your character's possessions, bank balance will reset and you will lose the data which previously appeared to have been carried over from the old character.

For Characters at or above Level 16

The automatic Epic Sacrifice system ("rolling") now applies to all characters 16 and above when using the -delete_character command. If you want to remake the character, it MUST be at 15 or below when using the -delete_character command OR you MUST use the -remake_character command.

DM Lilac and Mith said:

"If your character is below the threshold of being allowed to roll, then you are welcome to use the -remake_character command to remake them all you want (with a reset inbetween to prevent bugs).
If your character is above the threshold, then use the -remake_character command, and then remake (with a reset inbetween to prevent bugs).
If you roll a character for a reward, you are not allowed to remake them."
In fact, you may only remake a character as long as you delete them naturally through -delete_character (below level 16 only) OR through -remake_character (at any level). If the character encounters any other sort of permadeath, they may not be remade.