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Time passes for characters in Arelith faster than it does for us in real life. The ratio is 10:1, meaning there are 10 in-game hours for each real-life hour. This is specific for Arelith and is different for the single player version of Neverwinter Nights and could be different for other persistent worlds.

This counting of time is just a guideline to allow some use of dates in game. For example to mark important events, meetings or changes of seasons. It should be used with common sense and in many situations is the passage of time better left in very vague fashion.

Time on Arelith comes down to "whatever is best for roleplay."

"For example, you exchange 10 or so ‘talks’ with another player in 6 minutes (of real time) but IG an hour past? Imagine having a conversation over an hour with someone when someone only says something every 3 minutes. That’s a lot of quiet time." Xerah

Time outside of game

See article about time zones.

Time in game

Every 6 real life minutes will be displayed by a server "tick message" with current stats for your rest/food/water/sobriety. If one needs to check those stats independently, they can use the console command -date which also displays the current in-game year, month and day.

Here are three options for telling longer lengths of time:

Sennight: 7 days; 1 week
Tenday: 10 days; 1 week 3 days; common mean of telling time on Arelith
Fortnight: 14 days; 2 weeks

Underdark races may use the term "cycle" instead of "day".

Game Time to Real Time Conversions

1 Round = 6 Real Seconds
1 Turn = 10 Rounds = 1 Real Minute
1 Game Hour = 6 Turns = 6 Real Minutes
1 Game Day = 24 Game Hours = 144 Real Minutes = 2 Real Hours and 24 Real Minutes
1 Game Tenday = 1 Real Day
1 Game Month = 28 Game Days = 4032 Real Minutes = 67.2 Real Hours = 2.8 Real Days
1 Game Year = 12 Game Months = 336 Game Days = 806.4 Real Hours = 33.6 Real Days = 1.12 Real Months[1]
(Note: This is Arelith specific. The relation between game and real-time may be different on other servers and modules.)

Real Time to Game Time Conversions

1 Real Minute = 1 Turn
1 Real Hour = 10 Game Hours
1 Real Day = 10 Game Days
1 Real Week = 70 Game Days = 7 Game Tendays
1 Real Month[1] = 10 Game Months[2]
1 Real Year[3] = 10.86 Game Years[4]


The current date in-game can be seen with console command -date which displays the current in-game year, month and day.

Arelith reckoning

Arelith is set in the Forgotten Realms setting in 3rd edition D&D with some flavors from 3.5. The Arelith timeline diverges in early 1372 DR: Bane has been resurrected, but Lolth has never gone silent. This puts the setting after the Time of Troubles but before the Spellplague.

Arelith reckoning (AR) timeline is used to progress the time on Arelith independently from the mainland of the Forgotten Realms.

The Moon Cycles of Arelith

01-04: Waning Gibbous
05-07: Third Quarter (Half Moon)
08-11: Waning Crescent
12-14: New Moon
15-18: Waxing Crescent
19-21: First Quarter (Half Moon)
22-25: Waxing Gibbous
26-28: Full Moon

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