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Lycanthropy is infliction that could be obtained in game. It is not possible to select it on character creation without the 5% roll.


The wolves of the nights, the scavengers of the dark, the dangerous monsters howling to the moon. These ferocious beasts wander around Arelith to kill innocent travelers or spread their terrible infliction to few lucky survivals. On Arelith, all adventurers and residents alike are vulnerable to this terrible disease. Those wise enough seek to protect themselves and other from this terrible disease.

Lycanthropy is generally considered cursed and those infected are often hunted down mercilessly. Once identity of werewolf is found out in character, they will be likely hunted and attacked even in their original form. It is rumored that there is some cure for this condition, but most reasonable persons prefer to kill the werewolf and not take any chances of future spreading.


The only indication of infection is yellow message in window with server messages during encounter with PC or NPC werewolf:

"You have been wounded with a deep scratch" or similar.

Many characters (and players) should be not aware of their condition till the first full moon rises. Some may roleplay in character to be not aware of it even after that.

During a full moon character infected with Lycanthropy transforms into Werewolf. The transformation can also be triggered manually via the -polymorph command. This will change their appearance, using the normal totem rules, and give them regeneration.

However, there is a risk! When they see a living creature, they must pass a Will save or lose all control over their actions until there is nothing left alive in front of them...

When not berserk, they can cancel the transformation with -polymorph, if they can pass a Will save to do so.

Full Moon is at the end of a month on Arelith (days 25 into 26, 26 into 27, and 27 into 28). (Current day can be determined by looking at the compass on the menu bar at the bottom right, or by using the command -date. )

Roleplaying tips

Be aware that most characters will hunt werewolves down mercilessly. If players' character become werewolf, they should not take this personally. The other players are acting in character and only defending themselves.

While out of control as a werewolf, it is impossible to emote and other things, but as a human, players can do some of the following to show characters' wolf side:

  • Show larger fangs to others or emote trying to hide them.
  • Character may develop strong dislike to silver.
  • It is possible for characters to not know about being werewolf and realize it only after other character informs them arout their transformation. They may experience "black outs" or loss of times, and try to seek explanation or cure for their memory loss.
  • Characters' wolf nature may come out when arguing with another character. For example, barring teeth to them, or growling at them.
  • Characters may try to hide the curse in fear for their life and expelling. They may become pious, solitary and avoid people.

Some tips for people who travel with a werewolf:

  • Characters that are aware of werewolves, see clear signs of possible infection (scratch mark, a fear of silver, or the appearance of fangs while talking), and have intelligence high enough, may assume about Lycantrophy of other character in character. Of course that such accusation would be hardly accepted kindly from the accused character, who may lie about its condition even if s/he is aware of it.