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A mounted character

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Riding is the process of using a mount such as a horse to move around. There are horses distributed all around the server that can be used in conjunction with the Ride skill to gain a mobility bonus when on the surface.

Ride options show up in the Class section of the radial menu, when right clicking on a horse.


To use mounts on Arelith a character needs at least 6 points in the Ride skill. At 6 points the character receives additional options in the radial menu.

There are a variety of different horses, from lowly pack horses to noble destriers or shadowy nightmares. They can typically be found just outside of settlements in stable areas.

To begin the process, right click on a horse and select Ride options in the Class section. To mount, choose "Individual Mount" and your character will attempt to mount the horse.

When done riding, right click on yourself, choose class options, and choose "Individual Dismount." The horse will still be a party member and follow you around until you remove it from your party. At this point it will stay put unless otherwise acted upon. Horses you have dismounted will show your character's name on them as owner until another character mounts the horse.

It is impossible to ride in caves or indoor areas.

Riding Mechanics

Every 3 points in Ride will add 1% of riding speed. Bonuses to Ride skill from Dexterity do not count, but bonuses from enchanted items do count. These bonuses cap at 10% to 30%, depending the quality and nature of the breed of horse.

As a character rides, there is a chance of being thrown off the mount. In normal situations, when not in combat, this chance is very low. In dangerous situations, though, the chance can be very high. Characters with the minimum 6 points in Ride may find themselves being thrown off a great deal.

The chance of being thrown off varies a lot, to the point that it has been difficult for developers to describe easily. Having a score of 30, though, is generally agreed to handle most all horses in most all situations.

The Mounted Combat feat adds +1 melee Attack Bonus instead of the normal bonus. Mounted archery remains unmodified.

Riders keep one point of AC gained from Tumble for every 5 points they have in Ride. Characters with less Ride than Tumble will typically lose AC. Having more Ride will not add to AC, however.

Riders suffer from 10% Arcane Spell failure unless they have the Mounted Combat feat or are riding an arcane steed.

Lances may only be used when on horseback.

Characters with the now-disabled Riding Award may still summon their horses and are granted a 5 per Hit Dice bonus to their Ride skill.

Types of Mounts

There are many horses available in game. Typical varieties include Horses and Pack Horses such as those found in stables south of Cordor. Racial linked horses are available that offer bonuses if the rider is of that race. Also, arcane steeds are available which help casters avoid the 10% arcane spell failure that is present on horseback.

Other types of mounts exist and are waiting to be discovered in-game.

In the underdark travelers may find additional opportunities to use their skills at Riding.

Choose "Individual Mount" to get on the horse.
Choose "Individual Dismount" to get off the horse. Don't forget to remove it as party member or it will continue to follow you around.