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A Familiar is a special type of associate for several of the arcane spell casters:

Familiars gain levels as their master gains sorcerer or wizard levels and are not unsummoned upon resting.

Arelith Customizations

  • Summon Familiar has a cooldown of 10 minutes, starting the moment the familiar is slain or dismissed.
  • The console command -associate allows player to speak through their familiar without possessing it.
  • The console command -familiar allows the caster to change the look (skin) of their familiar once on every level.
    • New skin options: Attack Hound, Cat, Chicken, Dog, Falcon, Jaguar, Krenshar, Mouse, Parrot, Snake, Spider, Tiny Mycoid, Tiny Slime, Toad, Worg
    • Default Familiar skin options: different skin options dependant on the selected default familiar:
Irongron Note (11 July 2021): This is the first stage, the actual stats of the base familiars and thus also their alternatives, will be adjusted in due course.

Useful Notes

  • Characters don't gain any EXP while possessing familiars.
  • Characters' state is still altered while familiar is possessed. The mage may die from hunger or thirst.
  • Familiars don't have inventory. They can not carry items, including keys. They can not open door locked by a specific key or storage chests.

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