Death Domain

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A Cleric with Death Domain is one with the concept of the end of life and repose.

Domain Special Abilities

Bonus Abilities

  • (none)

Activation Abilities

  • Able to Turn undead. (See Turn Undead)
    • Deals Magic damage to target if it cannot be Commanded

Spell Interactions

  • Death Domain empowers all Inflict Wounds spells, including harm (to a lesser degree):
  • Better Death Armor Scaling (1 Dmg/CL instead of 1 Dmg/2CL)

Domain Spell List


  • Empowered spells from Death domain can be double empowered through meta magic, except Harm.
    • Harm is empowered from Death domain by 20% (not 50%)
  • Turn Undead has been extensively customized on Arelith. Read more here.