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Pickpocketing is the process of taking items from NPCs or other players, potentially without using combat. Although supported on Arelith, pickpocketing is subject to the Be Nice rule as detailed below.

Pickpocketing Rules

  • Only items taking 2 or less "spaces" (1x2, 2x1) in inventory can be stolen.
  • Keys, so be it normal keys, or Quarter keys cannot be stolen. Nor can the keyrings be stolen.
  • Successful stealing from hostile NPCs can reward characters with an extra half of their experience reward.
  • Stealing from PCs can bring more valuable items and potential of more roleplay, but no experience reward. Make sure to know the rules about Excessive Theft, Be Nice rule and Twenty four hours rule.

PvP after pickpocketing

Attacking a thief caught in the act is OK. This does not break any of the Arelith rules. The act of stealing and successful detection of it is considered interactive roleplay before PvP battle in this case.

Attacking them later (without RP at the time) is not.

Note that if you kill a pickpocketing thief within a few minutes of them stealing from you, you will get your item back.

Pickpocketing in towns

Can a cut purse operate within the confines of Cordor or not?

DM Qizzia:

"Short answer: Definetely yes, Cordor might be sort of pickpocket's paradise.
That said.
Any shrewd pickpocket would of course not do his or her job right into the face of a guard. Use common sense here. Anyone should know that killling someone a few steps in front of a NPC guard, ignoring his presence, is metagaming. Pickpocketing is much more subtle, so they have more space to operate, but I would say that pickpockets should operate with very much caution within a sword's length (or a crossbow bolt's reach) from a guard. Unless of course as a member of a gang, where others distract the guards. Which could be quite fun RP.
As many-times-possesser of Barth & Garth (the two gate elite guards), I mostly play them as rude and corrupt. And watching someone steal a firewood from someone's inventory, would probably not make them do anything else but furrow a brow. Whereas a diamond, maybe would.
So, in short. A general answer to this, I can not give. Like in so many other cases, it's a case to case, of where, who, what, how and why."

"Stolen Treasure" from NPC

When pickpocketing NPCs, character could possibly in lag obtain a Stolen Treasure that looks a little like a deck of cards. This is considered a bug. For more info see what to do when finding unusual items in game. In normal circumstances, the stolen treasure item is automatically removed from characters' inventory.

"This will give you a random drop that the creature you stole from would have carried - you might have to scroll up in the server window to see what you got. If you didn't get anything, then the NPC wouldn't have carried anything. Some races have empty loot containers I believe.
This was a little hack put in place to make it possible to steal from NPCs without having to cycle the loot matrix until the loot was actually required (i.e. death or pickpocket). Before loot spawned in with the NPC, but that was inefficient since some NPCs (ignored mobs, guards) would never be killed. Also since mobs spawned multiple creatures at once, spawning each of those creatures' inventories at the same time could easily result in a lag spike which isn't desirable. Much better to smooth it out." Fire Boar

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