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Fully Covered
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Player characters who are Fully Covered by clothes and armor can hide several details in their description.

Note: This is an experimental system and may change depending on how covered individuals are treated in game. Read more here

Cover Command

-cover | Toggles fully covered state on character.

A Fully Covered character attempts to hide distinguishing characteristics. The cover functionality must be enabled every time the character is logged into the game.

Fully Covered means all visible armor slots and a visible helm or hood. It is not necessary to wear gear in all slots, it is enough to look covered.

Bypassing Cover

The cover can be bypassed by a spot check, the closer the examiner is to you the easier it is for him to pierce your cover.

Functional Mechanics

The following properties are hidden in a covered PC:
  • Removes the description of the character
  • Subrace (You will be able to tell someone is an elf, not a drow or wood elf, same for other subraces)
  • Abilities approximation
  • Harper Pin / Zhentarim Emblem
  • Slave Collar / Outcast status
  • Pirate Tattoos

Interaction with Disguise

Cover is not meant to improve disguise, it is meant to be an alternative for people without bluff that just want to hide their identity.

Covered PCs must have their cover broken before their disguise can be broken
  • The rationale is that the disguise is below the cover, and therefore cannot be seen while a PC is covered.
Players with high bluff will have the advantage of being able to remain disguised without being covered therefore staying un-suspicious.
Players with no/low bluff will be able to hide their identity while covered but will look very suspicious while doing so.

Rules and Boundaries

When enabled it will be very visible in the PCs description that they are fully covered and can be treated as suspicious.