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Server Owner and Administrators

Along with the Server Owner, Administrators can be contacted in regards to joining the Staff. They handle hiring, and have specializing roles, but any PMs to them should be sent to Active Admins on the forums, rather than individually. Matters specifically about area work, or matters of discretion can be sent directly to Irongron.

Irongron: Irongron is the present server owner. Irongron also is the Creative Lead of Arelith, overseeing and credited with such works as Andunor, the main settlement city of Arelith's underdark, as well as countless other Arelith features worked on together with Arelith's Contributors.

Dunshine: Dunshine's Admin role specializes in Arelith Community Management, handling CD Key issues and character edits, rewards, account changes, and the referral point for Forum Moderators.

Liareth: While technically retired, Liareth, also known as Scholar Midnight, often handles technical issues, including Server disruptions, and emergencies that come up.

Mithreas: Mithreas is the Administrator of FL. All FL based issues/content should be messaged to him, rather than the other admins.

Head DM

DM Spyre: Fittingly with a name looming over others, DM Spyre handles all appeals and complaints for DM punishments and decision-making. Any other DM issue should be sent to Active DM's. He is also a forum moderator/contributor.

Active DM's

The below list is the current Active DM's. Some focus primarily on creative narratives, others on player management, and others a hybrid of both.

DM Titania: A goddess since September 2014.

DM Grumpycat: Grumpily served since January 2015.

DM Innis: Served since July 2015. Previous Head DM

DM Template: Served since December 2015.

DM Wish: Granting wishes since July 2016.

DM Always This Late: Tardy since July 2017.

DM Pindrop: Returned on November 2017.

DM Roku: An avatar since November 2017.

DM Chilliad: Making the server colder since November 2017.

DM Sollers: Served since January 2018.

DM Apollo: A god since January 2018.

DM Atropos: An Oracle since January 2018.

DM Slide: A slide of unknown length since April 2018

DM Avalon Soul: A whale lover since April 2018

Forum Moderators:

The below should be messaged regarding any breach in forum conduct.






DM Spyre and DM GrumpyCat are also moderators.


The following have contributed content, be it scripts, areas, or new systems. Names follow with known credited work, list is inconclusive.

Xerah: Adjusted Deity System.

Kirito: Horses, Spellswords


DM Symphony (FL Contributor and DM)

Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia: Bug and class fixes.

miesny_jez: Class adjustments/Bug fixes

Septire: New Arcane Tower/Area content

yellowcateyes: Status/Class changes.

ActionReplay: Andunor/Ships System

Morderon: Faction System.

The Administrators also double as contributors.