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What is and is not a Henchmen on Arelith can be somewhat unclear. Typically any follower that remains with your character after Resting are Henchmen. Additionally, unlike the base game, the number of Henchmen Arelith allows is an unknown large number.



The following is a known list, likely not exhaustive list, of what grants Henchmen on Arelith.

Note: For Henchmen to receive the Leadership skill bonus, they must have a base Intelligence greater than 9
  1. Certain NPC Hirelings or Mercenaries found within the module whose services you obtain as a Noble or by coin.
  2. Horses
  3. Ranger's Animal Empathy (with sufficient levels)
  4. Domination Spells (with Epic Spell Focus: Enchantment)
  5. Tribal Barbarian - Tribesman
  6. Certain lootable items
    • Ooze Tubes
    • Gelatinous Cube Tubes
  7. Palemaster - Deathless Master's Touch
  8. Golems