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Note: The Firbolg race may only be selected by spending a Major Award!





Creating a New Character on Arelith


  • Alignment Restriction: Non-Lawful.
  • Requires Major Award.


+4 STR, +2 CON, -2 DEX, -4 CHA
10% Cold Immunity
Fast Healing (+1 Regen at level 1, +2 at 15, +3 at 30
Bonus Feat: Deflect Arrow
Can use the -track command

ECL +3

Base race: Human

They can also take the Firbolg-exclusive gift of the Moon-Seer to forgo a portion of their physical might for a WIS bonus to become apt divine casters.


  • They may use the -twohand command to two-hand-wield large weapons (normally, due to their size, they wield them in one hand).
  • They never get extra attacks when wielding double-sized weapons, even though the character sheet may say otherwise.
  • It is mechanically impossible to wield a large weapon on the left hand.
  • They cannot use any tiny weapon.

Starting city: Cordor or Skal

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