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Paths are custom classes or sub-specializations within a class. There are several paths available in Arelith. Often they are the class in which they are based with an unique twist.


Main article: Warlock

The warlock is a subclass of the bard. Warlocks gain magical powers by bargaining with demons, devils, or unseelie fey.

Warlock does not have to be selected at character creation: bards can make a pact later by finding the appropriate NPC.

Totem Druid

Main article: Druid#Path:_Totem_Druid

Totem druids gain the extremely durable totem shape in exchange for being weaker in their unshifted form. On taking a totem, a character immediately loses 4 STR, 4 DEX, and 4 CON; in exchange, they gain the abilities of his or her totem.

A totem can also be selected by a druid after character creation by finding the appropriate NPC.


Main article: Ranger#Path:_Archer

Archer is a subclass of the ranger. Archers give up their two-weapon fighting feats in exchange for the ability to craft a bundle of arrows each day (per rest). The arrows increase in power with archer levels.

Instead of the AC bonus at level 6, they gain +1 of damage to ranged attacks. At 14, they gain +3. This damage can not be reduced.

The archer path can only be selected at character creation.

Totem Ranger

Main article: Ranger#Path:_Totem_Ranger

Not exactly a subclass, rangers can choose a totem animal themselves. This is an aesthetic option and a defining RP factor, as the only mechanical change is that most of the summons will look like the bound animal.

A totem can only be selected by a ranger after character creation by finding the appropriate NPC.

Path of the True Flame

Main article: Sorcerer#Path: True Flame

The Path of the True Flame can be chosen at character creation by sorcerers. Followers of the Path of the True Flame get unlimited spells per day, but can cast only evocation spells. This limitation includes spells cast from scrolls, wands, and items.

Mundane items, potions, restoration, dead raise and resurrection scrolls are the exception to the rule. Epic spells must also only be Evocation (this means Greater ruin and Hellball) however they can only be cast once per rest as per normal.

The Path of the True Flame can only be selected at character creation.


Main article: Cleric#Path:_Healer

The healer is a subclass of cleric. Healers lose the ability to wear any armor/wield any weapon other than simple, but receive several healing and survival related abilities in exchange. The healer path can only be selected at character creation.


Main article: Barbarian#Path:_Tribesman

The Barbarian is able to get rid of his rage abilities, in exchange of casting a warrior of the barbarian's level and race of whatever the race that the Barbarian is. The barbarian can summon a maximum amount of 2 summons, and can use it as many times as their rage is per day.

Note that whatever armor(or clothing) you wear your summon will have the exact same armor as you, but will not carry the same weapon as you. Instead, they carry 2 Axes. Terrifying rage, and thundering rage have no effect to the summons.

Wild Mage

Main article: Wild mage

A Wild Mage is mechanically a wizard without specialization that takes on a unique twist to spellcasting, drawing from the raw power of the Weave to pull a result that not even he may predict! All their spells have 5% of triggering a Wild Surge along with the normal effect of their spell.

They receive a few passives and commands, explained in the Wild mage article.

Shadow Mage

Main article: Shadow Mage

A Shadow Mage is a mage that channels magic through the Shadow Weave, the mirrored Weave controlled by Shar instead of Mystra. They cannot use any evocation spell (except Darkness), but they receive some bonuses and the ability to become Shadowdancers without meeting the usual prerequisites.


Main article: Spellsword

A spellsword is a mage that dedicates to achieve a balance in both arcane magic and martial prowess to excel in combat. They hinder their magic versatility but gain the ability to increase their damage and defensive capabilities through the use of their keen intellect.