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Note that many resources on internet can be from custom campaigns, different settings, or from D&D 4th edition or AD&D. Not all information from them would be valid on Arelith!

All information from Forgotten Realms Wikia is being shifted over to the 4th edition canon. While Arelith has no set time period, it tends to be locked in a "time loop" similar to the timeline of the original NWN campaigns. Especially information that date to year 1372 DR and after are invalid for Arelith.

Important links

Arelith community


FatherMatt's NeverWinter Tower - guide to the best sites for the BioWare version of Neverwinter Nights

The Role-player's Guide to Multiplayer Neverwinter Nights
Characterization Made Easy by Scott Bennie: A little personality goes a long way for all characters.
King-Of-Hearts: "This is a way to make better developed characters with deep personalities and realistic characteristics that everyone can enjoy; Read it, memorize it, prosper."

Neverwinter Grimoire v3.0 - pdf document on nwvault that includes compilation of the Neverwinter Nights, SoU, & HotU rules. It covers most of the rules on character creation and has descriptions of every feat, skill, and spell that is included in the game. It is meant for the beginner and advanced player as a guide and reference.( Direct link to pdf online.)

Guides for Wiki Development

Wikipedia Help
Introduction to Wikipedia
NWNWiki:Manual of style


Arelith Trailer by Mithreas

Sightseeing Arelith by n00bdragon:

Rosewind Troupe
Elven Burial Grounds
New Stonehold
Old Stonehold


Simple map of Toril
Toril in colours
Map of Faerun: Large, Medium, Small
The Maps of Faerun and Faerun's Underdark (page with links for large maps)
The Map of Faerun, Toril (direct link to different large map)
A nice big Faerun
Utter East


Thay on FR wiki
Red Wizards, Group on FR wiki
Red Wizards, D&D prestige class on FR wiki
Thayan Knight, D&D prestige class on Realms Helps