Earthkin Defender

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Arelith Requirements

  • Alignment: Any lawful
  • Base Attack Bonus: +7
  • Feats: Toughness
  • Race: Dwarf

Arelith Changes

Dwarven Defender has been renamed to Earthkin Defender
All Earthkin races (Halfling, Gnome, & Dwarf) are able to take Earthkin Defender levels.
An Earthkin Defender may use Defensive Stance infinite times per rest.
Dodge is no longer a pre-requisite for taking this class.
Earthkin Defenders are granted the Dodge feat at level 1.
Using Expertise or Improved Expertise first will allow Defensive Stance to stack
Earthkin Defenders are able to move while in Defensive Stance, albeit with a heavy movement penalty
Earthkin Defenders get access to Ride as a class skill.

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