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A forging workstation

Crafting on Arelith:
Art Crafting
Dweomercraft - Runes
Weapons - Melee / Ranged / Siege
Resources - Poison
Resources are items used by characters in Crafting. Resources come in three forms:
  • Opened - Containers that include the resources inside (e.g. Bushes or Sand deposits)
  • Mined - Objects that must be damaged to receive the resource item (e.g. Ore, Trees and Gem deposits)
  • Loot - Resource items found as loot on bodies (e.g. Animal Sinew or Giant's Tooth)

Some resources can produce new materials only once per server reset to demonstrate their rarity (such as sweetberry or food resources in Underdark). Other resources can produce random amount of new materials after some time of being picked up. This countdown is separate from other respawn countdowns including enemy respawn time.

Resources that can be mined produce a random amount of resource items. The more rare the resource, the lower the chance of obtaining any result. Mining coal or salt is likely to provide more resources than mining diamonds or adamantine. Search skill does not affect these actions.

The type of metal found in metal ore veins changes randomly within three tiers:

  • Common - Coal, Tin, Copper, Lead
  • Noble - Iron, Silver, Gold, Zinc
  • Rich - Mithril, Arjale, Adamantine
  • Grandiose - Guaranteed Rich

Coal, tin and copper may spawn commonly in a local mine, as it would be full of common deposits, but rarely you may even see gold and silver in the same place, since every resource deposit may offer something one tier higher, or one tier lower. The deposits usually take between 2 and 4 RL days to rotate.


The system works as follows:

  • Each resource node has a % chance associated with it. So coal might have 90%, emeralds might have 10%.
  • Ore resource nodes have 250 hitpoints (with a few rare exceptions, like tinder fungus). Gems, trees, stone and other bashable resources have fewer hitpoints meaning fewer possible chances.
  • Every 25 damage done to a resource node triggers a roll against the % chance. If passed, you get one resource. If not, nothing happens.
  • Only the base weapon damage + physical (slash/bludgeon/pierce) + fire + cold + acid damage counts towards damaging a node
    • NOTE: The damage the console shows will not be an accurate representation of the actual damage delivered to the resource node
  • You don't need to bash the resource node at melee - spells, summons and other followers (using the Player Tool 1 to command them) can be used instead.
  • If you are within 10 feet of the resource node, the resources acquired will go to the damage dealer's (or summoner if the commanded companion is doing the job) inventory. Otherwise, most resources will fall to the floor.
  • Some Resource nodes have a hardness associated with them (think DR).
  • Mining Tools
    • Gem Hammer, Mining Pickaxe and Logging Axe are present in the game and will give +25 to the damage when used against the corresponding resource.
    • Mining Tools have a 5% better chance of successfully returning a resource from the corresponding resource node (ie Using a Mining Pickaxe on an iron deposit to get a Rock Chunk - Iron).

Additional Information:

  • The damage applied to the resource node is limited to 1 HP more than the total resource node HP preventing overdamage from offering additional success changes (this was the case in the past). So, if a resource node has 250 HP, the most damage it can receive is 251 HP. If it has 6 HP remaining, the most damage it can receive is 7 HP.
  • PENDING AN UPDATE: Currently Rare Hardwood, and Ancient Yew Trees are not assigned to the logging axe. There is an update in the queue with a fix for this. Also, some resources have a hardness (think DR) that can be as high as 9/- or more even. With this update mining tools will get a matching bonus to damage = to the resource hardness to effectively bypass the DR. 31 Jan 2020 - To be removed once update is in place, add a note that mining tools will bypass DR if update notes confirm.