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Creating new character on Arelith

Base race


+2 Str, -2 Cha
Favored class: Barbarian
Darkvision: Half-orcs are able to see in the dark.
Bonus Feat: Ambidexterity
5% Physical damage immunity.

Available sub-races

Sub-races are selected later in Arelith Entry area, but you should reflect your intended subrace in selections through character creation:


Favoured Class: Barbarian

Usually fighters and barbarians. Common are rogues.


Half-orcs tend to lean toward Chaotic Neutral, but they are able of any alignment all the same.


  • Skin: Tends to be gray with green or even purple undertones
  • Hair: Coarse body hair

Half-orcs mature a little faster than humans and age noticeably faster. Few half-orcs live longer than 75 years.

Racial Crafting

Orcish Blood Mace
Orcish Blood Axe
Orcish Blood Sword


Playable Races on Arelith   
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Dwarf Shield Dwarf - Gold Dwarf - Duergar - Wild Dwarf
Elf Moon Elf - Aquatic Elf - Avariel - Fey'ri - Sun Elf - Wild Elf - Wood Elf - Drow
Gnome Rock Gnome - Svirfneblin - Forest Gnome
Halfling Lightfoot Halfling - Ghostwise Halfling - Strongheart Halfling - Fey
Half-Elf Half-Elf - Gloaming - Green Hag - Kenku
Half-Orc Half-Orc
Monstrous Goblin - Kobold - Gnoll - Orog - Hobgoblin - Ogre - Minotaur - Imp - Troglodyte - Yuan-ti Pureblood - Derro - Rakshasa - Vampire
  • Bonus feats will only apply after entering the World. Spending a feat at creation on ambi-dexterity results in a wasted feat.