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Note: The Ogre race may only be selected by spending a Greater Award!


Ogres are the definition of natural compensation. Everything they lack in appeal, finesse, and general intelligence they make up with a knack to overwhelm everything with brute force. Greedy, ugly and massive, these hulking brutes tend to associate freely with giantkin and other malicious races to prey and raid on those weaker, since that's precisely how the ogres rather to fight, with overwhelming odds in their favor. If they are intelligent enough, they use whatever little strategy, trick and lowly form of combat that they can exploit to win, with little regard for such things as honor.

An adult male stands between 9 to 10 feet (2.7 to 3 meters) and weighting 600 to 650 pounds (270 to 300 KG). Their hide usually ranges from a warty dull yellow to a light brown.


The only ogre deity that is obscurely-known is Vaprak, The Destroyer. True to his title, Vaprak is a vicious deity that encourages his followers into acts of wanton destruction. He holds other giant gods in great respect, but as well has to contest greatly to keep the ogres from shifting their worship to other giantkin deities.

Legends of old say that an ogress disguised herself to seduce Annam, the all-father and credited creator of all giantkin, and from the deceitful pairing Vaprak was born. It may be for this reason that Vaprak is considered an enemy to the giant pantheon.

Creating a New Character on Arelith



+6 STR, -2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 INT, -4 CHA
5% Physical Immunity
+2 Armor bonus (Other)
-4 Hide

ECL +3

Base race: Half-orc


At character creation, an ogre may select a bloodline at the cost of an increased +1 ECL. Only one can be chosen and once chosen it cannot be modified.

  • Bloodline of the Ogre Magus: +6 Cha, -4 Str (net total of +2 STR, -2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 INT, +2 CHA)


  • They may use the -twohand command to two-hand-wield large weapons (normally, due to their size, they wield them in one hand).
  • They never get extra attacks when wielding double-sized weapons, even though the character sheet may say otherwise.
  • It is mechanically impossible to wield a large weapon on the left hand.
  • They cannot use any tiny weapon.
  • Your character's size is stored in the monster skin / appearance, so it requires a relog to become large-sized after you picked the Ogre race and the Ogre appearance have been added to your half-orc character.

Starting city: Andunor

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