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Note: The Derro race may only be selected by spending a Minor Award.


Derro appear to be a degenerate subspecies of dwarves, augmented and twisted by ancient dark magics. Their rough skin is white with bluish undertones and is spotted with short tufts of coarse hair, which is well tended and trimmed in highly ritualistic tribal patterns. Their hair is straight and tends to be tan or pale yellow, and is often worn with weaves or tribal braids. Their eyes are most disturbing, as they are a uniform pale yellow in color and glow with a faint sickly yellow light, lacking in both iris and pupil.

Creating a New Character on Arelith



Retains base race abilities, except the stat changes, and they do not receive the dwarven axe affinity feat.

+2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 WIS
+4 Hide, +4 Move Silently
Bonus Feats: Use Poison
Spell Resistance: 16
Spells: Darkness on Cooldown
Special: Vulnerability to Sunlight: Become more vulnerable to damage every hour within sunlight. Vulnerability decreases every hour when not in sunlight
  • The Spells Sunburst and Sunbeam now blind Drow, Derro, and Vampires for 2 rounds. Spell resistance applies. Characters that were blinded by either Sunbeam, Sunburst, or Word of Faith are immune against Blindness for 3 rounds.

ECL +1


  • Bonus Languages:
    • Undercommon
    • Dwarven
  • Small-sized

Starting City: Andunor

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